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Coffee machine Melitta F84/0-100 Barista T Smart


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GTIN: 4006508217823

Brand: Melitta

The bean-to-cup coffee machine Melitta "Barista T Smart" is smart, extremely functional and capable of preparing as many as 18 different coffee drinks. You can enjoy two milk-based beverages at once. Two separate bean containers make it possible to use two types of coffee beans. 4 user profiles allow you to create 4 individual menus. A convenient control screen, the ability to operate the coffee machine via a smart app and automated maintenance programs make using this coffee machine a real pleasure.18 COFFEE RECIPES WITH A SINGLE TOUCHWith the touch of the desired recipe icon, you'll be able to prepare 4 classic coffee drinks: espresso, black coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato. Moreover, the additional drink menu includes 14 trendy beverages: from americano to flat white or espresso doppio.OPERATION VIA THE MELITTA® CONNECT SMART APPControl the coffee machine directly from your smart device using the Melitta® Connect smart app. You'll be able to program and save individual settings, as well as adjust coffee drink recipes. Training programs will assist you when performing maintenance programs.TWO BEAN CONTAINERS FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF BEANSThe coffee bean container is divided into two sections, so two different types of beans can be used. Using the switch next to the bean hopper, select which section you're going to use the beans from.TWO PORTIONS OF MILK-BASED DRINKS AT ONCEIn addition to brewing two servings of black coffee at once, this coffee machine is able to prepare two portions of your chosen milk-based beverage simultaneously.AUTHENTIC COFFEE PREPARATION PROCESS Coffee drinks are prepared according to authentic recipes, adding ingredients in a certain order. For example, when preparing latte macchiato, espresso is added after milk and milk foam, while in the case of cappuccino, this order is reversed.SPECIAL FEATURE FOR FANS OF INTENSE COFFEEBefore brewing, select the IntenseAroma function to make the prepared coffee even thicker and stronger (this is done without changing the amount of ground coffee or water).4 USER PROFILES As many as four different users will be able to create their own separate menus, as well as program coffee drink recipes to their liking and save them. COLOUR DISPLAYThanks to the colour display and clear touch icons, the coffee machine is extremely easy to operate. WHISPER-QUIET COFFEE GRINDER Whether it’s early morning or late evening, you can use this coffee machine without worrying about the sound of grinding possibly waking your loved ones up. This is one of the first coffee machines on the market to receive the Quiet Mark award.EASY MAINTENANCE Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs help ensure perfect hygiene. There's a possibility of using a water filter as well (if you replace it regularly, you'll only have to descale your coffee machine once or twice a year).

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