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SAMSUNG RS8000 RS68A8520S9/EU American-style Fridge Freezer - Matte Stainless, Silver/Grey


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EAN: 8806090805325

Brand: Samsung

Water and ice dispenserThe Samsung Series 7 SpaceMax RS68A8520S9/EU American-style Fridge Freezer has a water and ice dispenser that'll give you cubed ice for fast refreshment, or crushed ice if you're in a mojito mood.You don't have to plumb it in - just top up the tank to get crisp, cold hydration whenever you're thirsty.Twin Cooling PlusTwin Cooling Plus gives both the fridge and freezer their own cooling systems. That means that your fridge and freezer both have the perfect humidity level and will stay that way.It prevents the transfer of flavours and odours, so everything from fish to fruit remains deliciously fresh.Total Frost FreeThe Total Frost Free feature maintains an even temperature across your whole fridge freezer, so you'll always have generous space to store everything you need without losing corners to ice.Quieter digital inverter motorSay goodbye to noisy and unreliable kitchen appliances. The RS8000 RS68A8520S9/EU has a digital inverter motor.It varies its power according to how much cooling is needed. That way it consumes less energy, runs quietly and lasts longer.__________________________________________________________________________PLEASE NOTE:Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.

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