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Samsung Bespoke Tall 1 Door Fridge 1.85m (Glass) in Black (RR39A74A322/EU)


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GTIN: 8806092433564

Brand: Samsung

Your Fridge, Your Way. Highlights. Bespoke - Customisable Module/Combination. Customise and combine refrigerators to suit your lifestyle.Bespoke - Customisable Design. Create a beautifully stylish and unique kitchen space with a customisable design. Space. Max™ Technology. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge on demand and optimise how you use all of the space.Built to suit your lifestyle. Customisable Module/Combination. Stock up on all the groceries you like and never worry about where to store them. Seamlessly integrate multiple refrigeration modules to increase capacity and make the fridge freezer combo for you. Two models* can easily be mixed and matched, so you can enjoy the flexibility of tailoring your fridge to your lifestyle with Customisable Module/Combination. Pairing kit RA-C00K4BAA is required to pair two units. Two pairing kits will be required to combine three units.* One door models: RR7000. Combining with one door models is only available on the RB34xx with a height of 1853mm. Two door model: RB7300.Uniquely yours. Bespoke - Customisable Design. Make your kitchen more you. With custom coloured fridge freezers* and a varied choice of finishes, it's easy to express yourself and your taste with a Bespoke refrigerator. No longer compromise on style and see your fridge freezer seamlessly blend in with your kitchen. From Clean White to Satin Sky Blue, you can now choose the perfect fridge door colour for you**. Satin – Soft & Silky glass, Glam – Glossy glass, Clean – High-gloss glass, Cotta – Warm & Matt metal finish* Materials include Satin Glass, Glam Glass, Clean Glass, Cotta Metal. ** Door colour options include Satin Beige, Satin Sky Blue, Glam Lavender, Glam Peach, Glam Navy, Clean Black, Clean White, Cotta Beige, Cotta Sky Blue, Cotta Lavender. More colours may be available later.Modern and sleek to suit your style Seamless and Sleek Design. In need of a modern freezer? Sleek and cool with flat streamlined doors and a slim handle, this unit will satisfy all your needs and keep things looking cool.Modern and sleek to suit your style In need of a modern freezer? Sleek and cool with flat streamlined doors and a slim handle, this unit will satisfy all your needs and keep things looking cool.More inside, same outside. Space. Max™ Technology. Now you can get the best of both worlds with Space. Max™. Thinner walls mean more space for food storage on the inside while the outside size stays the same. All without compromising on performance. You really can get the best of both worlds.Play it cool. All-Around Cooling. Never lose your cool with All-Around Cooling. It does what it says on the tin—moving cool air around the fridge to keep food fresh with a constant temperature. So everything from chickens to cucumbers will be evenly chilled. Every item stays ideally cooled no matter where it’s stored in the fridge.Put defrosting on ice No Frost. Wouldn't finding the ice cream be that bit easier with a frost free fridge freezer? The Total No Frost feature maintains an even temperature, preventing ice build-up and saving you the time and hassle of defrosting.The power is yours. Power Cool. Lost some cool air while stocking the fridge with your weekly shop? Top it up with a burst from Power Cool and keep your new food fresh.Any way you want it. Slide-in Shelf. There's always one tall bottle or the Sunday roast that simply won't fit in. The Slide-in Shelf can be easily moved to create the best fit for all your groceries. Organising your food has never been so easy.Humidity control for lasting freshness. Humidity Control Vegetable Box. Keep even more fruit and vegetables fresh for a long time in the Humidity Control Vegetable Box, which is large enough to store bulky items. It continually adjusts the moisture level to maintain the optimal humidity by automatically opening and closing a vent to hold in or release moisture.Lasting eco-consciousness. Digital Inverter Technology. Enjoy a long-lasting performance that helps protect the environment by reducing waste electrical and electronic equipment*. Samsung appliances are built using high quality components and engineering, so they offer outstanding durability. Thanks to the extended parts warranty period of 20 years** on the Digital Inverter Motors and Digital Inverter Compressors, you can enjoy your appliances for longer.*Samsung works within the WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations for the environmentally-safe collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of equipment **Limited to the compressor only. Applying to all DIT models sold from July 2022A good fit. Adjustable Door Bin . No more items precariously wobbling in the door. Alter the position of the

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