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Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Deodorant Spray 150ml


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EAN: 8411061805893

Brand: Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera 212 deodorant spray for women draws inspiration from the signature 212 eau de toilette spray, which uses a blend of light floral notes, including gardenia, jasmine and lily of the valley, to create a gentle, floral fragrance. Here at Fragrance Direct our customers are big fans of the Caroline Herrera product collection, and this Caroline Herrera 212 deodorant spray for women is particularly popular for its light, feminine aroma, that keeps the body cool and dry throughout the day. Venezuelan-born Carolina Herrera was a late starter in the fashion industry, launching her luxury clothing company when she was 40 years old, in 1980. Having moved to New York City as a teenager, she was known as one of the best dressed women in the world during the 1980s, and she famously styled former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy during the later years of her life. The first Carolina Herrera perfume, 212, was launched in 1998.

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