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Obsession For Women Eau De Parfum


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EAN: 0088300603404

Brand: Calvin Klein

Obsession for Women by CALVIN KLEIN contains a provocative fragrance that returns us to an era of sensual femininity. A bold, evocative perfume scent that empowers and emboldens with refreshing mandarin bergamot. This intense, powerful oriental fragrance combines an intoxicating blend of florals and exotic spices with an earthy, warm, base. Intensely feminine and everlasting. Strong notes of jasmine, orange blossom, and vetiver at the heart of the scent are flanked with refreshing mandarin bergamot and vanillin, alongside earthy, green base notes of oakmoss, incense, and musk. Moving from morning to evening, an eau de parfum that is uniquely passionate and sensual.

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