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Pocket+ 1000 Memory Mattress - Size Single (90x190cm)


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Compare Pocket+ 1000 Memory Mattress - Size Single (90x190cm)

EAN: 5057632158581

Brand: Aspire

A high value, high quality mattress with a medium comfort rating which will suit most individuals. Pocket+ offers superior comfort and support when compared with standard pocket spring even after the mattress has been rolled. Rolling a mattress offers massive logistical savings but causes a loss of performance and a lack of edge-to-edge support with a standard pocket springs but not with Pocket+. We tested hundreds of bespoke springs until we settled on the perfect recipe. The mattress also features an eco foam support layer and a body contouring memory foam comfort layer for a luxurious sleep surface with healthy underlying support. ENGINEERED TO OFFER SUPERB COMFORT AND SUPPORT – Our unique Pocket+ spring system delivers superior support from head to toe. We have tested hundreds of spring types until we arrived at the perfect number of springs, thickness of wire, number and angle of coils and method of bonding them together. Pocket+ adapts to the body providing support where you

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