Flopro Activ Spray Gun

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Brand: Flopro


This Flopro Activ Spray Gun is beautifully stylish and lightweight. The Activ spray gun covers all of your gardening requirements. It has four spray patterns that are easily identified by the icons on ... the gun. The spray patterns cover all of your gardening and cleaning requirements. The spray gun also allows a snap-fit to all major watering brands. Which means you can use it with the equipment you already have at home. Water flow is fully adjustable with one hand 4 spray patterns Ergonomic styling providing a comfort grip handle and handy hanging hook Ultra-tough materials protect the gun against damage UV resistant Diameter: 12.5mm (1/2") 100% compatible with all watering brands How To Use To start the flow of water push the white flow control lever upwards To control the flow use this lever with your thumb To stop the flow of water push back down to the start position To change through the 4 spray patterns simply twist the head clockwise until the head clicks into place and shows an icon relating to that spray pattern Read More

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