Zexum 6mm Red Single Core TUV PV1-F Solar Photovoltaic PV Cable - 10 Meter

Product Code: PS1571978
EAN: 5054614015214
Seller: Electrical World
Brand: Zexum


Zexum Extremely Robust High Quality Red TUV PV1-F Solar Cable is specifically designed for use in photovoltaic applications to provide optimal cable connection between solar cells, inverter or the mai ... ns DC Cable. A quality, well constructed product which is easily stripped and worked with. 6mm Copper Conductor Size with a space saving outer diameter of 6.6mm Class 5 Flexible Tinned Copper Conductor with Halogen Free Cross-Linked Compound Insulation and Sheath Halogen free, flame retardant with low smoke properties Suitable for temperatures between -40°C and +90°C, maximum temperature at conductor +120°C for 20000 h Voltage Rating 600/1000V AC or 900/1800V DC Test Voltage 6.5 kv AC according to EN 50395 Expected life-time to exceed 25 Years according to IEC/EN 60216-1 The cable is made of electron-beam cross-linked insulation and coating which gives a high resistance against heat, cold, oil, abrasion, ozone, UV and the weather. It is ozone resistant according to EN50396, UV Resistant to UNE-HD 605:2008 (HD605/A1) and is tested for durability according to EN60216 Certified and Compliant to: TÜV Approval Nr. TÜV 2 PfG 1169/08.2007 (Sizes 2.5mm-35mm only) VDE E PV 01:2008-02 Ozone Resistant according to EN 50396 Flame Retardant according to IEC/EN 60332-1-2 UV Resistant according to HD 605/A1 Halogen Free according to EN 50267-2-1, EN 60684-2 Cold Resistant according to IEC/EN 60811-1-4 Low Smoke according to IEC/EN 61034 Acid and Alkaline Resistant according to IEC/EN 60811-2-1 Low Corrosivity of gases according to EN 50267-2-2 Weather Resistant according to HD 605/A1 Low toxicity of gases according to EN 50267-2-1 Suitable for outdoor ground and roof mounted systems, indoor laying or within fixed pipe installation. This product will be supplied as a single length up to 100m, unless otherwise requested. Please also see our cable accessories to match this cable such as our *Flexible Conduit*, *Cable Ties* and *Cable Clips* Read More

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