HF258 Ozone Generator Household Ozone Air Disinfector Purifier Stainless Steel Air Filter Disinfection Sterilization Timing Portable Multipurpose Equipment

Product Code: PS2390678
Seller: TomTop
SKU: E13506EU-1


Features: You are allowed to clean the air anywhere because ozone generation features a portable, compact and lightweight design. Advanced timer design: a newly improved timer is sturdier and allows y ... ou to control the length of purification time, you can set the length of time you want. Friendly design: ozone is a strong oxidant, in a certain concentration can quickly kill irritants in the air. There is no harmful residue, will not form secondary pollution, its chemical nature is particularly lively, known as the cleanest oxidants. Multipurpose: Suitable for living room, kitchen, bathroom, pet room. For restaurant air sterilizer, hotel room purifier, KTV smell remover, store sterilizer, office building, garage and for removing formaldehyde. Made of the premium stainless steel shell, strong and durable, can withstand water erosion and has a long service life. Read More

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