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Snuz Waterproof Mattress Protector - Snuzpod3 (44 X 80cm)


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GTIN: 05060157947585

Brand: Snuz

Give your little one comfort and protection with the Snuz Waterproof Mattress Protector! This luxury cotton mattress protector has a waterproof layer inside for a super-soft and absorbent surface that keeps your mattress dry and your little one happy at bedtime.Provides a barrier against dust mitesKeeps your mattress clean and dryExtra absorbent for your child's comfortAll about meThe difference between this mattress protector and others is that the cotton absorbs any little accidents rather than liquid remaining on the surface, this keeps your little one clean and dry and helps them have a better nights sleep. The mattress protector lies flat over the top of the mattress which allows air to circulate from the sides and underneath.Available in the sizes listed below, this cover has 100% cotton layers made with no pesticides and an Oeko-Tex Class 1 compliant waterproof membrane so it's safe for use in baby products. It's not crinkly or crunchy and provides additional protection from dust mites too.Cot bed mattress protector: 70 x 140cm (Does not fit SnuzKot)SnuzKot mattress protector: 68 x 118cmSnuzPod2 mattress protector: 36 x 80cmSnuzPod3 mattress protector: 44 x 80cmSnuzPod4 mattress protector: 40 x 75.5cm

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