OB1 290ml Grip & Grab Adhesive

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Brand: OB1


.container a:link { color: blue; } .container a:visited { color: purple; } .container a:hover { color: red; } .container a:active { color: green; } OB1 Grip & Grab Adhesive is a unique solvent ... -free construction adhesive with an exceptionally high initial grab followed by an incredible structural bond. It can be applied to Concrete, Most Stones, Ceramic, Marble, Wood, Gypsum Board, Metals, Lead, Glass, Mirror, Plastics (Excluding Polypropylene) and any combination of the above without any additional fixings. Technical Specification Curing in 24 Hours: 2-3mm Thermal Strength: 22kg/cm² Shrinkage: None Thermal Stability: -40°C to +90°C Shelf Life: 18 Months Technical Specification Safety Datasheet Read More

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