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C-Tec CT1 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant - Blue


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EAN: 5060209630403

Brand: C-Tec

C-Tec CT1 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant The All in One Instant, Waterproof & Antifungal Adhesive waterproof sealant from C-Tec offers an incredibly strong seal on virtually any material including Metals, Glass, Mirrors, Wood, Polystyrene and many more. Answering the market cry for a more versatile sealant, C-Tec have produced the CT1 sealant that can not only be applied to a vast amount of materials, but also: Can be applied to wet surfaces Can be applied underwater Can perform instantly Can be painted Will not shrink Is flexible Is VOC free Is odourless Is antifungal Favoured by professionals from the construction, engineering, and marine sectors, the CT1 is making the use of many competitors products redundant. This all-in-one adhesive sealant is brought to you now in a range of colours, to create a perfect match to any surface you use it on. Main Features: Bonds to: Metals (Including lead), Glass, Mirrors, Wood, Plastic, Polystyrene, Stone, Granite Can be applied to wet surfaces and underwater Instant bonding performance Can be painted Flexible & non-shrinking Safe & non-odorous Antifungal Technical Specification: Tube capacity: 290ml Shelf life: 18 months This product is ideally used with an Avit Sealant Applicator Drench Gun. Buy now!

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