How Google Nest Helps you Save Energy (& Money)

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20 January 2023

Many of us are looking for smart ways to save energy (and money) as energy bills soar. And did you know that your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill? So why not choose a thermostat which helps you save money? The Google Nest Smart Thermostat does just that. In this blog we will highlight a few ways that Google Nest helps you save energy and money.


The Google Nest learns from you and programs itself. All you have to do is manually adjust your temperature during the first few days after it has been installed. It will quickly learn about you and the temperatures you like, programming itself to create a weekly temperature schedule. The Nest also learns about your home and how quickly it heats up and cools down. It also takes outdoor weather conditions into account, turning on earlier when it is cold outside. This ensures that it reaches its target temperature.

Home/Away Assist

Google Nest uses sensors and algorithms to be able to detect when you are out of the house and when you arrive back home. It will automatically lower your heating when you’re away from home, and then return to your normal heating schedule once you arrive back home. It is even able to detect your absence if you place the thermostat in a low-traffic area of your house. And if you are consistent with the times you leave and come back home (on work days for example) Nest will learn this and the Auto-Away feature will kick in. This feature prevents you from heating an empty home, and from using energy unnecessarily.

Nest Leaf

The Nest Leaf is another feature designed to help you save energy. The Nest Leaf is a symbol which will appear on your smart thermostat when you adjust it to a more energy-efficient temperature. As your Google Nest learns more about your home, it becomes increasingly harder to get the Leaf symbol. This increasing difficulty encourages you to adjust your heating and conserve more energy. This makes saving money on your bill easier, as every time you follow the Nest Leaf you’ll know that you are being more energy-efficient. Even small changes add up, considering that turning down your thermostat by just one degree can save you £90 per year on your bill.

The Nest App

You can connect your thermostat to your smartphone and download the Nest App. The Nest App allows you to control your heating from your phone, and lets your track your progress. The Energy History section of the app shows you a daily breakdown of your energy usage, and what has caused any significant changes in your usage. This allows you to tweak your habits and adopt more energy-efficient behaviours.

Monthly Home Report

At the end of each month Nest will also send you an energy usage report. This report will detail your energy consumption for the month, letting you see how your usage compares to previous months. It will also tell you what behaviour has caused your usage to increase or decrease, and how you can make changes to reduce your usage and save money.

Shop Google Nest

Two of the most popular Google Nest models are the Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation and the Google Nest Thermostat E Smart Thermostat. Both of these devices include the great features mentioned above, but there are a few differences. The Nest 3rd Gen is a wall-mounted device which may need to be installed by a professional, whereas the Nest E is a portable device which you can install yourself and move around if needed. The other main difference between the models is that the Nest 3rd Gen is able to control hot water as well as heating, whereas the Nest E only controls heating. There is also a small price difference, with the 3rd Gen priced at £180 compared to the Nest E which is priced at £140. But overall both models have the similar functionalities, and both claim to lower your heating bills by 10-12%,

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