10 ways to stay warm at home without turning up the heating

22 November 2022
ways to stay warm

With the current cost of living crisis in the UK, many of us are facing rising energy bills and financial pressures. Here are 10 ways that you can stay warm at home, without needing to turn up the heating.

1. Snuggle up in a hooded blanket

Eskimo Sherpa Hoodie Navy

Swap your jumper for a super cosy hooded blanket to keep you warm on winter nights. This Eskimo Sherpa Lined Blanket Hoodie Navy is luxuriously soft, and big enough to get curled up in on a chilly winter evening. It features a large pocket to keep your hands warm, and a cosy lined hood.

2. Try an electric blanket

ways to stay warm
Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket – Single, White

Instead of heating the whole house, heat yourself with an electric blanket. This Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket is a great option, costing just 1p a night to run so you can stay cosy without worrying about the cost. It is made from soft fleece material and heats up ultra-fast, with 3 heat settings to choose from. It also has overheat protection for complete peace of mind.

3. Plug any draughts

Pesky draughts let in the cold, but thankfully they can be dealt with easily (and cheaply). Once you have identified any draughts in your home, you can deal with them by buying or creating your own draught excluders. There are plenty of cute ones to choose from like this Country Club Schnauzer Draught Excluder or this Draught Excluder Gonk. Or you can make your own draught excluders with many items around the home. For example, you can make one out of an old duvet by simply rolling it up as tight as possible, then tying it in place with ribbons or string.

4. Heat up with a hot water bottle

Don’t forget about a good old-fashioned water bottle! Opt for this Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle Red which features a gorgeous soft and cosy faux fur cover. Or you can consider this Long knitted Hot Water bottle, with a protective knit cover, this 75 cm x 16 cm x 6 cm hot water bottle will warm your soul and your body!

5. Upgrade your bedding

ways to stay warm
Teddy Duvet Cover with Pillow Case Bedding Set

One of the simplest ways to stay warm during the cold nights is to upgrade your bedding! Flannel and fleece bedding are particularly good for winter as they are effective insulators and thicker than cotton. This Teddy Duvet Cover with Pillow Case Bedding Set is a great option, made from soft polyester teddy fleece material to keep you cosy.

6. Layer up your clothing

Layering up is another easy way to stay warm when you are feeling the chill. It’s a good idea to wear thermals as your base layer and then layer thicker items on top like a jumper or gilet. And don’t forget about your feet and hands! Invest in a pair of fluffy socks, and consider this Rechargeable Hand Warmer to keep your hands warmed up. At a press of a button heat is delivered in seconds for up to 6 hours to this rechargeable hand warmer which also functions as a power bank.

7. Choose a versatile duvet

It can be tempting to run out and buy the thickest, highest tog duvet you can find. But this isn’t always the best option. It makes more sense economically to purchase a duvet that will also be suitable for the milder Spring nights. This way you won’t need to buy a new duvet once winter ends. Tog ratings range from 2.5 to 15 (the higher the number, the warmer the duvet). We recommend a duvet around 10 to 12 togs, as this will be suitable for both cold nights and milder ones (once paired with appropriate bedding and blankets).

8. Add a fluffy rug

ways to stay warm
‘Extravagance’ Rug

Did you know that homes can lose over 10% of their heat through the floor? If you have hard flooring, consider investing in a rug or two. A plush rug with thick pile like this Extravagance Rug traps heat effectively, and of course is lovely to sink your feet into.

9. Warm up with hot drinks

ways to stay warm

Hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate are great for warming you up on a cold day. Scientific experiments have found that hot drinks increase the microcirculation in your skin warming you up, and another found that it helps trigger the brain to release endorphins, inducing feelings of calm. There is no better excuse for a mug of hot chocolate!

10. Invest in thick curtains

If you don’t have any, investing in some thick curtains is a good way to provide an extra layer of insulation for your home. When the sun is out, you should keep your curtains open so let the warmth in. When the sun goes down, close your curtains for extra insulation against the cold.

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