Energy Efficient Small Kitchen Appliances

1 November 2022

With energy bills rising and the cost of living sky rocketing, switching to more energy efficient appliances is essential. Recently, air fryers have grown immensely in popularity due to how energy efficient and convenient they are. So what other small kitchen appliances can you use instead of the basic oven? Read below!

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are a great alternative to cooking on the hob as they can cook food 3 times faster! You can cook a risotto in just 7 minutes, or roast a chicken in just 35 minutes. In addition, food cooked in a pressure cooker can also taste better than a slow cooker, however, we can’t report on that! As for energy efficiency, pressure cookers use very little energy and use around 70% less energy than a conventional oven. So not only do they cook food in less time, but they cost less. It’s a no brainer!

Slow Cookers- Small Kitchen Appliances

Next, we have slow cookers. Slow cookers are very similar to pressure cookers, however, they of course take a lot longer to cook food. On average, if you were to use your slow cooker for 8 hours, it would cost you around £1.33. This is less than half the amount it would cost to run an oven for a similar amount of time! Slow cookers are also great for batch cooking and meal preps, which is another great way to save yourself some cash!

Air Fryers

Of course we couldn’t not mention air fryers! Air fryer have been flying off the shelves, selling out across the majority of shops and websites. But why is this? Air fryers are the perfect combination of convenient, affordable, and energy efficient! In addition, air fryers only cost around 30p per hour to run. Check out some of our best selling air fryers below (before they sell out!)

We hope this blog has helped you find a more energy efficient way to cook your meals! Let us know in the comments which appliance you prefer.

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