All Season vs Winter Tyres

All season vs Winter tyres
25 October 2022

The time for horrible icy and wet roads is almost upon us, so it is time to get your tyres sorted out! But which ones should you get? Everyone knows that Summer tyres are no use in the Winter, but what about all seasons? We have put together a short guide to explain the difference between Winter and all seasons so you can pick the right ones for you!

All Seasons

All seasons are exactly what they say. You can use them throughout any season! They are especially handy when you live in the UK as weather can change so quickly. The main difference between all season and Winter tyres, is that all seasons are a harder compound tyre. This makes them a lot more durable. In addition, all seasons could be used in the Summer, as they react to different temperatures. This allows them to change season to season!

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Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are perfect if you live somewhere with a lot of ice and snow. This is because they have a fantastic braking distance in this weather. In addition, Winter tyres are essential for icy and snow conditions as they are great at keeping traction and preventing skidding. They do this by keeping soft during low temperatures to allow snow to crumble off the tread. So, if you live somewhere where the temperature is regularly below 7 degrees and quite snowy, you should get a set of Winter tyres.

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So, which tyre is better?

This depends on your location. If you live in the UK, you can get away with having all seasons on throughout the year. However, as some parts of the UK can get hit badly with snow and low temperatures, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on your tyres. If you feel your all seasons are slipping in the snow, you may be better investing in some Winter tyres. You can use your Winter tyres when needed and keep them for many years. However, it is important to note that all seasons will need replaced more frequently than Winter ones would due to them being used more. If you have space to store your Winter tyres throughout the year, it may be best to get both!

We hope this blog has helped explain the difference between all seasons and Winter tyres. Let us know in the comments what other topics you would like us to cover! Shop our top supplier Mytyres here

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