5 Home Security Gadgets to Keep your Home Safe

27 July 2022

With it being holiday season and everyone being out of their homes for long periods of time, it is essential that you take action and implement some security features to your home. Coming back home from holiday to find out your Fairwayrock parcels have been stolen, or even worse, your home has been broken into or damaged is not ideal. That is why we have put together 5 of our favourite gadgets that can help deter thieves and keep your home safe.

Front door of house with key in lock with door open. Home security

1: RING Video Doorbell 1 (2nd Gen)– Home Security System

First, we have the RING Video Doorbell 1 (2nd Gen) is a great home security system and is quite sleek! See, hear, and speak to anyone who comes to your door at anytime from your phone. Whether you’re abroad in Spain or just nipped down to the shops, you can keep track of all activity that takes place at your door. In addition, you will get a notification any time there is movement at your door, to ensure you never miss anything!


  • HD 1080p wide-angle video
  • Free Ring app compatible with Android and IOS
  • Motion detectors which can be altered to different measurements
  • Can be hardwired or battery operated
  • Night vision
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Weather resistant
  • 1 year manufacture’s guarantee
  • Live view
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2: ARLO Pro 4 Quad HD WiFi Security Camera System – 3 Cameras, White

Next, we have the ARLO Pro 4 Quad HD WiFi Security Camera System. This system is great if you want to cover more ground than just your front door. Not only will you cover more ground, but you will also see every movement in 2K resolution, ensuring you’ll never miss a thing!


  • 2K Video with HDR
  • Remote viewing through the Arlo app
  • Wall mounting kit included
  • Warn off intruders with a 100-plus decibel siren that can be triggered remotely
  • Up to 6 months of 2K recording with magnetic cable
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Weather resistant
  • Check battery life and signal strength remotely
  • Two-way audio so you can hear and speak to anyone
  • 160° wide-angle lens
  • Night vision
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3: AMAZON Blink Video Doorbell with Sync Module – Wired / Battery

Answer your front door from anywhere with the AMAZON Blink Video Doorbell. This system is perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet effective security system. In addition, you’ll never have to worry about missing a delivery as you can communicate with your delivery driver and let them know where to leave your parcels!


  • HD video
  • Get alerts and video on your Alexa devices with the Sync Module
  • Save and share clips in the cloud with a Blink Subscription Plan
  • Connect to your existing doorbell wiring to use your current chime
  • Compatible with IOS, Android, and Fire OS
  • Use Blink Home app remotely
  • 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Water resistant
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4: YALE Keyless Connected Smart Ready Door Lock– Home Security System

If you are looking for something different than the usual video and audio, this YALE Keyless Connected Smart Ready Door Lock is perfect for you! This system is perfect for protecting your home in a different way to the tradition key.


  • Includes a 80db tamper alarm
  • Low battery indicator will alert you when the batteries are needing changed
  • Only requires 4 AA batteries
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • Includes a key card and key tag
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Need the Yale Hub to use product with Yale app
Black door with Yale keyless connected smart ready door lock home security system product mounted to the door. Woman using key fob and waving it over the sensor.
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5: RING Alarm (2nd gen) 5 Piece Security Kit– Home Security System

Looking for something that covers everything? The RING Alarm (2nd gen) 5 Piece Security Kit is for you! It includes a motion sensor, contact sensor, keypad, range extender, and base station. Ring is one of the leading brands in home security and has risen in popularity in the past few years!


  • Connect with your other Ring products to make your home extra secure
  • Notified in the Ring app when motion or contact is detected
  • Powered by mains or battery
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • 1 year manufacture’s guarantee
  • Pet-friendly sensors
RING Alarm 2nd Gen 5 piece security kit for home security
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We hope this blog has helped you pick the right home security system for you! Let us know in the comments what system you prefer.

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