5 Reasons Golf Shoes are Essential

5 Reasons Golf Shoes are Essential
14 July 2022

The sun is out, there’s little to no wind, and it’s finally golfing season! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it is essential that you have the right equipment and kit to ensure you have the best golfing experience as possible. And what is more important than golf shoes? They keep you as balanced and stable as possible to ensure you perform your best every time. We have put together some of our favourite shoes and a few reasons why they are so important.

1. They keep you stable

Golf shoes are designed to keep you as stable as possible to ensure you don’t wobble and miss your shot. How do they do this? The wide rubber soles and stud like grip allows you to keep your balance in all kinds of terrain. In addition, these shoes are made to be lightweight and most have some kind of support for your foot arch. Although we hope you stay out of the bunkers, we know your shoes will be able to keep you stable no matter where you end up on the course!

Blue, White, Black Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes

These Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes are great for courses with lots of water, or if you plan on playing in the wet. This because they come with a thin overlay which helps to keep water out and keep them clean. In addition, you get a 1-year waterproof warranty, just in case you get unlucky and manage to get them wet!

2. Golf shoes offer breathability

A breathable shoe is very important, especially when it comes to golfing as you can spend hours on a course at a time. Most golf shoes are built with this in mind and offer moisture resistant soles and uppers. Some shoes even include cooling and warming soles to ensure your feet are kept at a regulated and comfortable temperature.

ECCO M Golf S-Three Golf Shoes in Night Sky

These ECCO M GOLF S-Three Golf Shoes in Night Sky are a great breathable option. They come with GORE-TEX 100% waterproof technology which combines breathability and protects against the elements. You’ll never have to worry about soggy feet again!

3. Flexibility is everything!

Having a shoe that is flexible and able to adapt depending on the situation is extremely important when it comes to golfing. This is because you are likely to be on hills, in different terrains, in awkward positions, but it is essential that you still play your best. Golf shoes are built to be more flexible than other sports shoes as their purpose is quite different, with stability and accuracy being the main goal.

These Under Armour Mens HOVR Fade 2 S Golf Shoes are a great example of flexibility in golf shoes. They have a breathable and lightweight upper that gives you a flexible feel without having to compromise on stability.

4. Comfort Comfort Comfort!

It is essential that you have a comfortable pair of shoes to ensure you do not get sore feet. Especially as you will be walking a lot and need to be on your feet for a few hours. Golf shoes are designed with comfort in mind to ensure you can play a whole course without discomfort. In addition, many shoes that are made specifically for golf are versatile. Many shoes are complete with rubber soles, allowing you to hop off the green and straight to the pub, no change needed!

Adidas EQT SL Golf Shoes in White, Blue, Orange

These Adidas EQT SL Golf Shoes are the perfect mix of flexibility, versatility, and comfort! They come with a Bounce midsole and a Boost heel for a lightweight and comfortable feel. In addition, the cool design and rubbered sole allows you to avoid awkward shoe changes before and after the game.

5. Sometimes golf shoes are mandatory!

Some courses make it mandatory to wear appropriate shoes. Avoid awkward encounters or being turned away, by taking a pair of golf shoes with you when you go to play. Whether you’re going to your local course, or going further afield, it is always a great idea to be prepared to ensure your journey is not wasted.

These smart but discrete Adidas Adipure SP Golf Shoes are the perfect in between. They look very similar to regular smart shoes; however, they also provide comfort, grip, and flexibility. What more could you want!

We hope our blog has explained why specific shoes are essential when playing golf and what to look for when buying a pair! Let us know in the comments what kind of shoes you prefer, spiked or spikeless?

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