Essential Equipment for Starting a Joinery Business: Top 10

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12 April 2022

If you are planning on starting your own joinery business, there are essential tools that you will need for your workshop. Here are the top 10 essential tools that every joiner needs in their kit to tackle both big and small projects!

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1. Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a handheld saw used for cutting curves. A jigsaw is very versatile as it can also be used for cutting circles and straight, however straight lines can be difficult to achieve depending on the type of wood that you are cutting. If you are looking for a cordless jigsaw, this DeWalt DCS331 18v XR Cordless Jigsaw is powerful and perfect for professional use. It features XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery technology, delivering efficiency and speed, and the fan-cooled motor delivers fast cutting action up to 3000 strokes per minute. The intelligent variable speed trigger and lock-off switch ensures controlled cuts and enhanced safety.

If you prefer a corded model, the Bosch GST 150 BCE Jigsaw is a great pick. This jigsaw is built for durability and can tackle the toughest jobs. The 780-watt motor can power through thick beams and the new saw blade clamping system provides high cutting precision.

2. Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander is another must-have tool for joiners. Random orbital sanders are arguably the most versatile type of sander. Unlike regular orbital sanders, they leave virtually no scratch marks behind giving a clean finish. If you are looking for a cordless model, the DeWalt DCW210N 18v XR Cordless Brushless Random Orbital Disc Sander is ideal. This sander features an energy-efficient brushless motor for enhanced runtime and variable speed control. It also features a dust extraction port which can be used with an external dust extractor or the included dust bag. A great corded option is the Makita BO6050J Random Orbital Disc Sander 150mm. This sander features two operating modes (random orbit and Roto-orbit) which can be used for coarse and fine sanding, buffing and polishing. It also has constant speed control so that you can achieve the desired finish.

3. Table Saw

A table saw will be the biggest tool in your joinery business. Some may argue that this is not essential, but if you plan on dealing with large pieces of wood and big projects, a table saw will save you a lot of time. Table saws also provide great accuracy and precise cuts due to its stable nature. This Makita MLT100N Table Saw 260mm is a good option to consider. The saw is supplied with a TCT blade and a mitre gauge, and will cut up to 93mm at 90 degrees or 64mm at 45 degrees. It is powered by a powerful 1500 watt motor, with an electric brake and integrated storage for accessories.

This Bosch GTS 635-216 Table Saw is another to consider. This table saw is compact yet powerful, with great precision and versatility with an integrated slide carriage, table-widener, and table extension. The 1600 watt motor has a cutting height up to 70mm and rip capacity up to 635mm.

4. Router

A router tool is used to cut patterns, grooves and designs across multiple pieces of wood. This Festool MFK 700 EQ SET Module 1/4 Router Set is equipped for all tasks involved in corner and edge trimming. It has interchangeable router tables which you can use to route veneers or grooves, round edges, create profiles and much more. This router also features a electronic speed adjustment switch for perfect adaptation to the working material. The DeWalt DW615 Plunge Router 1/4″ is another option. This router is designed for professional use, with electronic speed control which ensures a fine finish on all grades of timber, aluminium and plastics. It also features soft start, three stages depth stop, spindle lock and two column guide for plunging accuracy

5. Wood Chisels

These may seem a little basic compared to the power tools on this list, but a set of wood chisels is essential for every joinery business. Chisels are great for shaping wood and doing touch ups to your pieces. This Marples M444 5 Piece Blue Chip Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set is a good option. These chisels are made from durable carbon steel, tempered along the full length of the blade and hardened up to the last 25mm for an edge that is slow to blunt yet easy to sharpen. This set of 5 chisels contains sizes: 6, 10, 12, 18 & 25mm (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 & 1in). Another option to consider is the C.K 4 Bevel Edged Wood Chisel Carving Hand Tool Set, which comes with a sharpening stone.

6. Circular Saw

A circular saw is a handheld saw which is designed for making straight, accurate cuts in wood. It doesn’t offer the same level of precision as a table saw, but it is more versatile and can be used for many applications from breaking down large boards, to making small and intricate cuts. There are both corded and cordless options depending on your preference. A good cordless option is the DeWalt DCS577 54v XR Cordless Brushless FLEXVOLT Circular Saw 190mm. This circular saw has a high torque motor and a diamond bore drive system, delivering superior performance and faster cuts. It also features easy tool-free depth adjustment and an overmoulded soft grip handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

If you want to opt for a corded model instead, this Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw 190mm is ideal. This saw is durable with a powerful motor for tackling demanding jobs. It has a cutting depth of up to 70mm and the turbo blower allows for a dust-free view of the cutting line.

7. Planer

A planer is another necessity for your joinery business, used to shave wood from the surface of boards. This Makita KP0810CK Heavy Duty Planer is designed for professional use. It features a 1050 watt soft start motor, suitable for planing up to 4mm per pass and rebating down to a depth of 25mm. It also has precise depth adjustment with click stops, and an easy to read scale with 0.1mm increments. The constant speed control feature also allows for accurate working. If you prefer cordless consider the Bosch GHO 12 V-20 12v Cordless Brushless Planer. This planer is compact and lightweight, ideal for working in tight spaces. It features a brushless motor for better efficiency and runtimes, and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

8. Dust Collector

A dust collector is important for any woodworking business, removing dust which can pose a health risk to your respiratory system. This SIP 01952 1HP 1-Bag/Vacuum Dust Collector is ideal for removing large volumes of dust and debris with the bag holding up to 70 litres. It features a quite motor, and the collector is capable of floor vacuuming and more. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, this SIP 01923 50 Litre Dust & Chip Collector is a good choice. This dust collector is built for effective high filtration, filtering debris and contaminants up to 0.5 microns. It features a powerful 1.2kW motor and a quick-action clamp for easy emptying.

9. Compound Mitre Saw

A compound mitre saw is another useful tool for your joinery business. A compound mitre saw is designed to let you make cuts at angles, bevels and angled bevels. They offer the advantage of making compound cuts in one pass. This Bosch GCM 350-254 Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 254mm is a great all-rounder. It is lightweight with a cutting capacity of 100mm, and the variable cutting speeds make it highly versatile for different applications. If you’re looking for something a bit more heavy duty, consider this DeWalt DWS780 XPS Sliding Compound Mitre Saw. This saw offers great cutting performance for both small projects, and large construction timbers up to 110 x 303 mm. It features a XPS shadow line cut indicator which provides an accurate alignment of the blade while illuminating the workpiece.


As joinery involves working with a lot of sharp and potentially dangerous tools, PPE is a must.

Eye Protection

A pair of sturdy safety glasses are essential, as pieces of wood and debris can damage your eyes. These Caterpillar Tread Protective Safety Glasses are ideal, with a single wraparound 180 degree lens. The lens features an anti-fog and anti-scratch resistant coating for clear vision. For added protection against dust particles, you will want to opt for safety goggles which are fitted to the face. The Bolle Blast BLAPSI Polycarbonate Clear Ventilated Safety Goggles are ones to consider. Its optical class 1 anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate lens provides protection against impact, chemicals, dust, gas and molten metal. The wide adjustable headband also makes them comfortable to wear for long periods.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is another important piece of PPE for a joinery business. Power tools can produce loud noise levels which can damage hearing over time, so you should have either ear defenders or ear plugs to wear whilst working. These Draper Ear Defenders are ideal with their folding design and durable high-impact plastic material. These ear defenders are fully approved for use against high noise levels, with a 32.1dB rating. Or you can opt for ear plugs like these Moldex 7705 Pura-Fit Ear Plugs To Go Tub. These ear plugs are tapered so they are easier to insert. They are also longer in length, which makes them simpler to remove.


A respirator is also important for your joinery business, especially when working with tools which produce a lot of sawdust. A half mask respirator like this Moldex 7232 Series 7000 Ultra Light Half Face Mask is ideal for frequent wear. It is lightweight with an adjustable head cradle and curved neck buckles for added comfort. This mask can be comfortably worn with safety glasses and the low profile design allows for a wide field of vision when working. You can also consider opting for a full face respirator like this Moldex 9432 Series 9000 Ultra Light Comfort Full Face P3 Mask. This respirator also protects the eye area, meaning no safety glasses are required. It is also relatively lightweight meaning better comfort, and the extra-wide viewing lens provides a great field of vision. The ratchet fastening strap system also makes putting on and taking off the mask quick and simple.

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are important in joinery to protect your hands from injuries like splinters and cuts. These Draper Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves as they offer flexibility, whilst providing cut resistance which is ideal for operating cutting or abrasion machinery. The Octogrip PW275 Cut Resistant (Level 5) 13G Breathable Nitrile Palm Gloves are another good option. These gloves feature a reinforced thumb saddle which provides even greater cut protection when moving sharp objects. They also offer full hand breathability and a secure knit wrist closure.

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