Essential Equipment for Starting a Plumbing Business

6 April 2022
plumbing business

If you are considering starting your own plumbing business, it can be difficult to determine what equipment you need. In this blog post we will discuss the essential equipment required for a new plumbing business. These tools will help you to work efficiently and make your business a success. We hope that you find it helpful!

plumbing business

1. Wrenches

One of the most essential pieces equipment for any plumbing business is a wrench. Here are the main types of wrenches that you should have in your kit:

Basin Wrench

A basin wrench, sometimes known as a sink wrench, is used to disconnect faucets underneath sinks. Their design makes them easier to turn in tight spaces. This Ridgid 2017 Telescopic Basin Wrench With Led Work Light is a great option. This basin wrench has an innovative design, featuring a built-in, water-resistant LED light that allows you to see clearly when working. The removable, pivoting T-handle allows easier access in tight spaces, and the telescopic handle extends up to 425mm. If you’re looking for something more basic but still effective, the Ox Tools OX-P448401 Pro Adjustable Basin Wrench is one to consider.

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is another important tool for plumbing. This type of wrench is used for loosening and tightening pipe joints. There are a few different types of pipe wrenches but the main type is a straight pipe wrench. This Bahco 361 Professional Stillson Pipe Wrench 18″ / 450mm is a straight pipe wrench made from high-quality steel. The jaws of the wrench have deep grooves to enable a tight and instant grip. Another straight pipe wrench to consider is the Expert by Facom Stillson Pipe Wrench, with forged steel jaw and 75mm capacity.

Adjustable Wrench

The final wrench that you should have for your plumbing business is an adjustable wrench. These are used for tightening and loosening hexagonal nuts and pipe fitting. This type of wrench is not used in confined spaces as it requires more space to manoeuvre. This Bahco 8073 Black Adjustable Wrench 300mm (12in) is durable, with a phosphated finish and tapered jaws. It features a measurement scale, and a knurled adjusting nut. The Milwaukee Hand Tools Adjustable Wrench 380mm (15in) is another good option. This wrench has a precision adjustment screw with accurate threads and tight tolerances, and the jaw features a lasered inch and millimetre markings for precise adjustment.

2. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is another important tool for cutting through metal, pipes and other types of hardware. The Facom Ergonomic Aluminium Hacksaw is designed for durability and efficiency. This hacksaw offers eight different blade positions, with an innovative automatic blade tension system. The frame is made from high-strength aluminium alloy, providing enhanced stability when cutting as vibrations are minimised.

Facom Ergonomic Aluminium Hacksaw 300mm (12in)

3. Pipe Cutter

It is also handy to have pipe cutters for creating accurate cuts. There are different types of pipe cutters that you may need depending on the settings that you will be working in. The most common type is the plastic pipe cutter. This IRWIN® PVC Plastic Pipe Cutter 45mm has a simple one-handed ratcheting operation. This provides smooth cutting and clean pipe ends. Another type is copper pipe cutters. This Expert by Facom Copper Pipe Cutter offers built-in deburring and easy knob adjustment, with a max tube cutter capacity of 32mm. You should also consider the Monument Professional Adjustable Pipe Cutter, which is suitable for cutting aluminium, brass, copper and plastic pipes up to 22mm.

4. Metal File

After cutting through metal pipes, you can often be left with rough or sharp edges which should be filed down using a metal file. You should have a tapered file and one with a flat surface to achieve a clean finish. This Draper Flat File is carbon chrome steel hardened and tempered with rust preventative finish. This Trend Diamond Tapered File is another good option, with a versatile half round/flat tapered design.

5. Blowtorch

A blowtorch is essential for your plumbing business, used to solder and fix copper pipes. You should consider this Sealey AK2932 Electronic Heavy Duty Gas Soldering Torch. This blowtorch produced an adjustable flame with a maximum temperature of 1300 Celsius, and will operate for up to 75 minutes on a single fill. This torch is also fitted with piezoelectric ignition with anti-flare burner, ignition lock and continuous flame switch. Or you can consider this Sealey AK2946 Butane Gas Heating / Soldering Torch Kit, which comes with: a Butane Solder Torch, Deflector Nozzle, Solder Tips (x3), Hot Knife Tip, Sponge Stand, Safety Cap, Solder Wire, and a Spanner. The torch features adjustable heating control up to 450 Celsius, with the removable solder tip transforming the torch into a burning flame heat source.

6. Pliers

Pliers are essential for plumbing businesses, used for gripping, cutting and bending wires. They can also be utilised for tightening and loosening nuts when the nuts and bolts are too small for a wrench. These Monument Wide Jaw Plumbing Pliers are ideal, with 5-position adjustment and toothed jaws for loosening and tightening round fittings.

Monument 2029X Wide Jaw Plumbing Pliers 230mm – 75mm Capacity

7. PTFE Tape

PTFE tape, sometimes known as Teflon tape or thread sealing tape, is important for creating a watertight seal on threaded joints. Silverline White PTFE Tape can be used with threaded fittings and compression joints on all types of water pipes, including drinking water, up to 85°C. The tape lubricates threaded joints whilst installing pipes, helping to prevent bi-metal corrosion and leaking pipes.

8. Plunger

A plunger is essential for clearing blockages from drains. The Monument Master Sink Plunger is affordable yet effective on most sink and bath drain blockages. The plunger builds up pressure, with patented bellows to give more displacement than traditional force cups. This Monument Professional Power Sink Plunger is another option with more power. It comes with three adaptors which should fit most showers, baths, sinks and bidets. You simply place it over the waste that is blocked and pump the lever to pressurise the unit. When in use, the plunger builds up pressure which is activated via the trigger to blast away the blockage.

9. Spirit Level

A spirit level is an important piece of kit to ensure that everything is level when installing things like pipes. This Stanley FatMax Torpedo Spirit Level is ideal for plumbing work, featuring a pipe groove which makes it ideal for use on rounded surfaces. This spirit level is also built for durability, made from die-cast aluminium.

Stanley FatMax Torpedo Spirit Level 10″ / 25cm

10. PPE

Safety should always be top priority in any business. Here are the essential pieces of PPE that you should have for carrying out plumbing work.

Safety Glasses

As a plumber, your eyes face numerous hazards including chemicals and flying objects and debris. This is why it is important to wear eye protection when working. You should have a sturdy pair of safety glasses on hand to prevent eye injury. These Festool Fan UVEX Safety Glasses are designed for comfort, with soft components around the nose, ears and forehead. The lenses are also scratch-proof and anti-fog for clear vision whilst working. DeWalt DPG101 Auger Safety Glasses are another to consider, featuring polycarbonate lenses which provide enhanced impact resistance. The lenses are also distortion free, reducing eye fatigue.

Safety Gloves

Hand protection is also important in the plumbing business, to protect yourself from hazards like sharp objects and chemicals. The gloves that you need will depend on the tasks you are carrying out. You should ensure that you have a pair of cut-resistant gloves in your kit. These Polyco Ultra Lightweight Matrix Air C3 Gloves are a good option, made from fine cut resistant yarn. Their close-fitting design also make them ideal for precision work. You should also have a pair of chemical-resistant gloves such as these Scan PVC Long Gauntlet Glove. These gloves protect against oil, grease and most household chemicals, plus they feature abrasion resistance and excellent grip.

Knee Protection

As pipes are rarely easy to access, it is likely that you will spend a lot of your working days on your knees. To protect your knees, you can opt for work trousers that have built-in kneepads such as these DeWalt Pro Tradesman Knee Pad Holster Trousers. Or you can buy kneepads on their own like the Scan Professional Kneepads. These kneepads feature an abrasion resistant surface making them ideal for plumbing work.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful and that you have found all of the equipment you need for your new plumbing business! You can browse plumbing tools and supplies on our website here.

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