Essential Equipment for Starting a Cleaning Business: Top 10

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31 March 2022

If you are considering starting up your own cleaning business, you may be wondering: what equipment do I need? In this blog we cover the essentials that you should have on-hand in your new cleaning business. We hope you find it helpful!

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Starting with the most obvious, having a high-quality vacuum is a must for any cleaning business. If you are looking for something sturdy and powerful, the NUMATIC Henry XL Plus NRV370-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is ideal. It has a 15 litre capacity and a powerful motor, with useful attachments including the AiroBrush140 to clean dust, dirt or pet hair from carpets, stairs and upholstery with ease. It also comes with a hard floor tool which is great for laminate, tiles or wood, and the Flexi Crevice Tool lets you clean tight spaces like behind radiators.

If you have a higher budget, the MIELE Complete C3 Pure Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a great investment. It delivers strong suction with 890W of power, and its AirClean filter means that dust won’t be recirculated into the air you breathe. With the crevice nozzle and dusting brush, it’s simple to remove dust around the corners and skirting boards. The upholstery tool also makes cleaning sofas and fabrics easy.

2. Mop & Bucket

Another essential for any cleaner is a mop and bucket to get surfaces like kitchen floors sparkling clean. The Vileda Turbo Spin Mop & Bucket Kit is a good choice, with a foot pedal operated spin wringer which makes wringing the mop a lot easier. The microfibre mop head removes over 99% of bacteria with just water, and its triangular-shaped head is able to clean tight corners. The mop handle is also height adjustable for comfort.

Vileda Turbo Spin Mop & Bucket Kit

3. Dustpan & Brush

A dustpan and brush is essential for sweeping up small pieces of dirt and debris from surfaces. You can get a compact set like this Vileda 2 In 1 Dustpan and Brush Set, which is ideal for quick cleaning tasks. The dustpan is flexible with a rubber lip which helps to collect dirt on uneven surfaces. The brush has black bristles for collecting hair and dirt, and firmer red bristles which are perfect for sweeping in corners and along edges.

Vileda 2 In 1 Dustpan and Brush Set

Alternatively for dealing with larger areas, you can opt for a larger broom. This Vileda Telescopic Duactiva Anti-Dust Broom is a great option. This broom features a foam layer that creates a barrier to stop dust from spreading, and the sweeping brush gathers dirt, hair, particles and crumbs without leaving any residue. The handle of the broom is also adjustable so you can make it the perfect height for you.

Vileda Telescopic Duactiva Anti-Dust Broom

4. Cleaning Cloths

You should also have a variety of cloths to clean different surfaces.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are another must-have for cleaning as they are very multi-purpose. This Minky M Cloth Hi-Tech Duster features extra-length microfibers which trap even the smallest of dust particles. It effectively absorbs dirt and moisture without leaving behind any streaks or smears for a sparkling finish. You can also get packs of multi-coloured cloths like these that are ideal for colour coding (i.e. using yellow for bathrooms and red for kitchens.) This pack of 50 come in five different colours.

Glass Cloths

You also need cloths to clean glass surfaces like mirrors and windows. This U-Care Large Glass Microfibre Cloth is designed for cleaning and drying windows, mirrors and other glass items without leaving streaks behind.

U-Care Large Glass Microfibre Cloth

Paper Towels

Paper towels are ideal for drying down surfaces after cleaning. This Scan Paper Towel Wiping Roll 2-Ply 176mm x 150m (Pack 6) is great value and is made from 100% recycled strong and absorbent, 2-ply paper.

Scouring Pads

Scourers are another essential for cleaning, perfect for scrubbing away tough dirt and stains. This Marigold Scrub Away Heavy-Duty Scourer is made from extra-strong stainless steel, making touch cleaning easy. This scourer is durable and lasts five times as long as a traditional spiral scourer, it is also easy to rinse clean.

Marigold Scrub Away Heavy-Duty Scourer

5. Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are essential for any cleaning business, ideal for storing homemade products and all-purpose cleaners that you need to mix with water. This Faithfull Hand Held Trigger Spray Bottle 1 litre has an adjustable nozzle which can provide a fine jet or a wide fan spray. The bottle is also graduated in 100ml increments to permit accurate measurement for easy mixing.

6. Window Cleaner

If you will be cleaning a windows, you will need a squeegee to get rid of surplus liquids ensuring a streak-free finish. You can opt for a traditional squeegee like this Draper Wide Squeegee Blade which features a wide neoprene rubber blade and additional serrated edge. If you have more of a budget you can go for something like this Karcher WV 5 Plus N Window Vac. This window vac effectively sucks up moisture, leaving surfaces dry and streak-free. This makes it ideal for windows as well as wiping up spills from other flat surfaces. Once you are finished, you simply open the tank and pour the contents down the sink. Just be aware that this device is battery-powered, providing up to 35 minutes of cleaning time on one charge.

7. Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning brushes are handy to have to scrub away stubborn dirt and stains.

Scrubbing Brush

This Faithfull Heavy Duty Grout Scrubbing Brush is fitted with stiff nylon bristles and is suitable to use on all tiled surfaces. It is designed for tackling stubborn grime, mildew and other residues in grout lines and difficult to reach places. It has a soft grip handle and can be used with most tile and grout cleaning detergents.

Faithfull Grout Scrubbing Brush Soft Grip Handle

Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes should be disposed of after each use for hygiene purposes, or you can ask if your client can provide one.

Cooke & Lewis White Toilet Brush

8. Steamer

Although not essential for every cleaning business, a steamer is great for deep cleaning. This Karcher SC 4 EasyFix Steam Cleaner is multi-purpose with a floor nozzle, hand nozzle, round brush, microfibre nozzle and more. It delivers deep cleaning from nothing more than tap water, getting rid of stubborn stains and limescale as well as keeping hard floors sparkling. This steamer is ideal for getting rid of touch grease from ovens, stains from upholstery and carpets, as well as mould and limescale from taps and tiles.

Karcher SC 4 EasyFix Steam Cleaner

9. Cleaning Caddy

You will also need somewhere to store your cleaning materials. A cleaning caddy like this is ideal for storing and carrying around cleaning materials like cloths and spray bottles, featuring a carry handle and three compartments.

10. PPE

Cleaning products contain chemicals that can hurt your skin, eyes and lungs. That is why it is important to have the appropriate PPE for your cleaning business.

Cleaning Gloves

Remember to have a decent stock of rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals. These Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Rubber Gloves are long-lasting as they are triple-layered. They have good grip and a cotton lining inside for extra comfort. You can also consider these Marigold Extra Tough Outdoor Gloves if you will be tackling particularly tough cleaning jobs.


Overshoes protect your footwear from dirt and liquids, as well as preventing your shoes from contaminating the areas you are cleaning. These Draper Disposable Overshoe Covers are made from chlorinated polyethylene and are resistant to damp, liquid splashes and dirt.

Draper Disposable Overshoe Covers (Box of 100)

Face Mask

You should wear a mask when carrying out certain cleaning tasks. Masks can help to protect you from harmful fumes produced by cleaning chemicals. This Moldex 2360 Classic Disposable Dust Mask FFP1 protects against fine dusts, fumes, and water and oil based mists and aerosols. The mask features an adjustable strap to ensure the right fit, with no need for nose clips. Another option to consider are these Hadley 3 Ply Surgical Elasticated Face Masks.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses may also be necessary when working with strong chemicals. Chemicals can cause serious injury if they get into your eyes, as exposure to certain chemicals can also cause eye stinging and discomfort. These Draper Polycarbonate Safety Glasses are a good option, with a wraparound design with a clear lens for distortion free viewing. You can also consider safety goggles for added protection, like these Vitrex Premium Safety Goggles which feature indirect ventilation, with protection against dust and liquid splash.

We hope that you have found this blog post helpful and that you have found everything you need for your cleaning business! Remember to check out our website here where we stock a wide range of high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment.

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