Get your Garden Summer ready!

29 March 2022

Summer is creeping up on us fast and you know what that means? It’s time to get that garden sorted! Winter was extremely harsh last year so we know your garden is in need of some TLC. Get your trowels and lawnmowers at the ready, we are here to guide you on how to get your garden ready for Summer!

Garden with small pond and trees. Get your garden summer ready blog

Step 1: Tidy up the clutter!

It’s no secret that the storms over the past year have deeply effected our gardens. From smashed ornaments to fallen trees and broken branches, there has been a lot of clutter and mess created, but it is time to get it all sorted and tidied up! Grab a black bag and get started by collecting rubbish, broken branches, and anything else that is laying around that you no longer need. This will make other tidying up activities a lot easier.

Messy garden with petals and branches everywhere

Step 2: Refresh your fencing- Get your garden Summer ready!

Many fences have been blown over or damaged due to the storms so it’s time to get them fixed and refreshed. You may only need a bit of paint, depending on the condition of your fence. If you are needing to rebuild, you can find materials and tools here. Below are some classic paint colours that are perfect for your fence!

Step 3: Get that grass cut!

Mowing your lawn during the Winter is almost impossible in the UK due to the awful weather. However, the sun has been creeping out recently so it is the perfect time to get your grass cut. Make sure that your grass is dry before mowing and ensure you have enough space in your bins for the clippings! Below are a few lawnmowers that are great for small-medium sized gardens.

Step 4: Trim those hedges- Get your garden Summer ready!

Most hedges get out of control fast over the Winter and need a good trim. It’s time to get your hedge trimmers and saws at the ready! The perfect time to trim your hedges is early Spring, so don’t put it off. By trimming during early Spring, this allows you to do simple maintenance throughout Summer or early Autumn. By doing this, you should be able to keep your hedges at bay throughout the year and avoid excessive overgrowth! Below are some great hedge trimmers if you’re in need of one.

Step 5: Empty out the shed

It can be easy to chuck random appliances and decorations into your shed but this creates a clutter of random items you most likely will not use again. A good way to tidy up your shed is by taking everything out and creating piles. These piles will help you to separate what you want to keep, bin, and donate! Whether you’ve kept a broken lawnmower in your shed for a few years or got some old unused decorations, there are places that will accept your donations. Below are a few charities and foundations to get you started!

large shed in a garden with trees at each side. bright blue sky

Step 6: Get rid of those pesky weeds- Get your Garden Summer ready!

Getting rid of weeds can be a nightmare! But when you have the right tools, it makes a huge difference. There are a range of different ways that you can weed your garden.

  • Pull them out by hand. Getting a grip of the weeds can be very difficult. That is why it is essential that you have appropriate gardening gloves on hand!
  • Use a weed killer. There are a range of different weed killers available which you can find here
  • Cover the weeds. By covering the weeds, you will deprive them of light, making them die. This can take some time but is a perfect method to use if you do not have the time to pick out weeds one by one.
  • Finally, you can use a gardening tool such as a hoe to remove your weeds with ease!
garden weeds that have been removed

Step 7: Give your outdoor furniture a clean

Spider webs, moss and rust can be a nightmare when it comes to outdoor furniture. It is essential to keep your garden furniture protected during Winter and rainy days. However, if you feel like you have neglected your outdoor furniture for a while, don’t worry! Most items can be cleaned up to look brand new again. All you need is a scrubber, some hot soapy water, and a bit of elbow grease!

bright yellow garden wicker chair on decking

Step 8: Get those windows cleaned!

Windows can get really dirty throughout Winter due to the awful weather that comes with it. And during Summer, those horrible watermarks become very obvious because of the glare from the sun- we aren’t complaining though! By cleaning your windows inside and out, this will allow you to create a fresher and cleaner look to your garden overall. In addition, clean windows will let you see your new fresh garden in HD! You can find some window cleaning essentials here!

woman cleaning her windows

Step 9: Treat yourself to something new! – Get your Garden Summer ready!

Whether you fancy a new fire pit, outdoor sofa, gazebo, or even a simple plant, treating your garden to something new can give your garden a fresh, exciting look! If you’re looking for something to brighten up your garden, why not invest is some outdoor lighting? We love the fairy lights look, it creates a perfect warm and welcoming atmosphere and is perfect for a late night garden party!

woman in hot tub in her garden with fairy lights above her head

Step 10: Keep it maintained!

The trick to having your garden Summer ready is to keep up with your maintenance! This means cutting the grass when it’s looking a bit long, or quickly pulling out that pesky weed before it turns into something bigger. It is essential that you keep doing little bits and pieces to keep your garden looking fresh for Summer. You do not have to have a strict routine or schedule, but keeping an eye on what is growing and what is needing a bit of TLC before it turns into a tedious job is very important!

We hope this blog has helped you get your garden on its way to being Summer ready! Let us know in the comments how you will be sprucing up your garden for Summer.

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