Fairwayrock: Who We Are

28 March 2022

Who are we?

Fairwayrock.com is a fair, independent and transparent mega-marketplace for goods. We supply both retail and industry goods, and we can fulfil your needs whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large corporation. We have a strong commitment to sustainability, and we seek to change the way businesses procure goods, making it a more thoughtful and less wasteful process. Our platform features products from local suppliers, meaning less eco miles. We are based in Aberdeen, UK and have selected the best suppliers and products which meet industry standards and prioritise safety. Fairness is at the centre of what we do, providing our customers with an independent, unbiased view of products.

Fair play, fair trade, the fair way.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our business here at Fairwayrock. We know that £5 billion worth of product returns end up in landfill each year, releasing 15 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This presents a significant environmental impact that we are determined to address.

Some of the most commonly cited reasons for product returns are a lack of product information, or a misunderstanding of the product information provided. Our marketplace strives to empower online shoppers, providing our customers with in-depth product insights and information. This will enable customers to make confident and fully-informed purchasing decisions on our platform, reducing the number of returns that are made.

We hope to promote a fresh, more conscious attitude towards online shopping where people can make careful buying decisions, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing the number of returns ending up in landfill.

Shop Industry to Retail

We provide customers with fairness and choice, showcasing over a million products on our website, catering for both retail and industry. We stock everything from power tools and electronics to TV’s and perfumes, so that you can find what you’re looking for under one roof. For industry buyers, we provide a digital procurement solution offering buyers direct access to a wide range of industry goods including tools, PPE and heavy duty industrial equipment. This eliminates the issue of lengthy procurement processes and supports cost efficiency.

Our marketplace stocks a range of suppliers and brands so that our customers can easily browse and compare before selecting the products that they prefer. We will continue to onboard reputable suppliers and products to grow our marketplace and provide our customers with greater choice.

Check out the video we created below which provides an overview of our marketplace, as well as a short tutorial on how to browse and compare products on our website. Our marketplace is simple to use and has been built to help you compare different brands and suppliers all on one platform.

You can browse our website here to discover millions of products and brands. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or enquiries.

You can also follow us on our social platforms to keep up to date with the exciting things to come at Fairwayrock. Follow us over on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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