Must Have Power Tools for DIY Projects

If you are looking to get into DIY, power tools are a must. But what power tools do you need for DIY? In this blog we highlight some great power tools that will make your DIY projects a breeze! We have included tools for different DIY projects and needs.

When working with power tools, safety should always come first! Remember to read the instruction manuals before jumping in and using any of these tools. You should also protect yourself with some safety gloves and safety goggles to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

Cordless Drill

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A good quality cordless drill is essential for your DIY kit, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Cordless drills of course come with the benefit of giving you more freedom, as you don’t need to worry about being nearby a power socket. Cordless drills have also advanced a lot over time, and are now much more powerful tools.

This Hyundai HY2175 Cordless Drill is ideal for DIYers, with 89 accessories making it suitable for a wide variety of jobs. It is lightweight and ergonomic, making it comfortable to work with. The 10mm keyless chuck allows you to switch out bits in seconds, meaning you can get jobs done faster without interruption. This drill has a 20+1 torque, variable speeds and a reverse function, letting you have greater control over your drilling jobs. There is also a spindle lock, which prevents accidental starting and a built-in LED light meaning you can work effectively in dimmer areas. This is handy if you are working up in the loft, the back of a cupboard, or even outside in the shed at night!

Impact Driver

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Impact drivers tend to be more powerful than drills, and are better for drilling through tougher materials and are more lightweight. This Mac Allister 18V Cordless Impact Driver MSID18-Li is a good, affordable choice. It is compact and has a high torque which is able to screw and loosen larger screws from from metal and wood materials. Its lithium battery gives you a good amount of runtime to get your DIY projects complete. This impact driver also features a built-in LED light, however this only comes on whilst the motor is spinning.

Mitre Saw

A mitre saw is a great power tool for creating smaller, precise cuts in a variety of materials. This Evolution Power Tools R255SMS is a great choice. It has a barbide-tipped blade, meaning it is capable of cutting through a variety of materials including wood, plastic, aluminium, steel and more. This saw is also great for making precise cuts as it has a laser line feature and 300mm slide. You can get a variety of cutting angles thanks to the 45-degree bevel and 50-degree mitre setting. This saw is very good at tackling steel, with less heat and sparks as you may get with other mitre saws. Overall this is a great power tool for tackling tougher DIY tasks. Just note that there may be a burning smell when cutting certain materials and the laser guide can be more difficult to see during daylight.

Circular Saw

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A circular saw is a very useful tool to have in your DIY toolbox, as it allows you to simply and efficiently cut wood and other materials. This is great for when your mitre saw is too small for the job. Circular saws are handheld and allow you to cut from a variety of angles. They are great for using to build wooden furniture. The Makita HS7601J 190mm Circular Saw 240V is a great choice as it is very powerful, user friendly and built to last. It cuts through up to 60mm efficiently and provides clean cuts.

Orbital Sander

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Orbital sanders are a great tool if you are working on wood. You may think sanding blocks will do fine, but if you are working on larger projects then an orbital sander is much more efficient and will save you a lot of time! It will also give you a cleaner, smoother finish. This Makita BO5031/1 Random Orbit Sander is a great option. It is powerful with a high power 300W motor and has a ergonomic soft grip for comfortable use. There are variable speeds to choose from so you have more control over your work, and a built-in dust collection system to keep things tidy!


power tool jigsaw

If you want to make more precise and varied cuts, a jigsaw is a perfect tool for you. Jigsaws have a reciprocating narrow blade and are used to cut shapes and curves into materials, usually wood. Jigsaws can also be used to cut through plastic, sheet metal and ceramic tile, depending on the blade used.

This BOSCH PST 700 E Jigsaw is a great option at an affordable price. It features a powerful 500W motor and can cut up to a 70mm depth, capable of cutting through both wood and metal. This jigsaw is also lightweight at 1.7kg and has a soft grip handle so it is very comfortable to use. There is also a switchable dust blower function so you can get a clearer cutting line. Just note that this is a corded model, if you prefer cordless then this Bosch Power 4 All 18V Cordless Jigsaw is a good choice.

Nail Gun

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Of course you will need a tool to hold your DIY projects together! That’s where a nail gun comes in handy. This Hikoki 18G Brad Air Nailer is a good option, with a lightweight build so you can work in comfort. This nail gun also has a thin nose so you can work in tight spaces and a 360-degree adjustable exhaust vent and adjustable driving depth.

We hope that this blog has given you some insight into the power tools that you may need for your DIY projects! Let us know if there are any you think we should add!

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