Introducing Fairwayrock’s New Sub Brands

22 September 2021

We think it’s time for a change for us here at Fairwayrock. Previously, we have been communicating with our customers directly through our one social media account on different channels. However, we realised that the content we were posting was not benefiting our audience which made us begin to lose our connection with our community. That is why we have decided to split our social presence into 8 different brands. We have decided to do this so that we can focus on different sections of our brand as a whole and start to build up our connection and community again. We would like to emphasise that Fairwayrock is still our brand and that these sub brands have been create for the sole purpose of creating a welcoming community within different areas but keeping the main message of our brand consistent throughout.

Fair Play, Fair Trade, the Fairway.

With our new sub brands, we will be able to engage with a specific group of people within the community that are interested and benefit from our posts. We would like to introduce out new sub brands and explain what you can expect to see from us in the coming months. Why not join us along the way?

Fairwayrock Tech Logo


Fairwayrock Logo

Firstly, we have FairwayrockHQ. FairwayrockHQ will be your go to account to keep up to date with everything Fairwayrock. This sub brand will have content available about the brand as a whole. This includes website updates, important announcements, and changes that are happening within the company. FairwayrockHQ will be present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Below are the social media handles if you want to keep up to date with FairwayrockHQ. To clarify, FairwayrockHQ will now take over our current Fairwayrock channel on all platforms.

Facebook: FairwayrockHQ
Twitter: FairwayrockHQ
LinkedIn: FairwayrockHQ
Instagram: FairwayrockHQ

Fairwayrock Construction

Secondly, we have Construction. If you’re interested in the construction industry, Fairwayrock Construction is the place to be. We will keep you up to date with the latest construction news, and you can share your construction photos with us! We stock all of the construction essentials, and if you are an industry buyer we can facilitate bulk purchases so that you have everything you need. Come and connect with us on our construction journey!

Instagram: FWRConstruction
Twitter: FWRConstruction
LinkedIn: FWRConstruction

Fairwayrock Maritime

Fairwayrock Maritime Logo

Thirdly, we have Fairwayrock Maritime. FWR Maritime is the place to be, whether you are interested in or work within the maritime industry. We will be sharing the latest maritime news, photos, and the products that you need to stay safe at sea. If you’re an industry buyer, we can also facilitate bulk purchases so that you have everything you need. Jump onboard and follow us on our maritime journey!

Instagram: FWRMaritime
Twitter: FWRMaritime
LinkedIn: FWRMaritime

Fairwayrock Oil and Gas

In addition to FWR Maritime, we have FWR Oil and Gas. If you have an interest in the oil and gas industry, Fairwayrock Oil & Gas is for you. We will be sharing the latest oil and gas news, photos, and products that you need to stay safe offshore. If you are an industry buyer, we can also facilitate bulk purchases for all of the essentials that you require. So come along and follow us on our oil and gas journey!

Instagram: FWROilandgas
Twitter: FWROilandgas
LinkedIn: FWROilandgas

Fairwayrock Beauty

Fairwayrock Beauty Logo

Next, we have Fairwayrock Beauty. This is the place for all things beauty. Whether you’re interested in hair care, skin care, makeup or wellbeing, we’ve got something for you at FWR Beauty. We will be focusing on personal care and health at FWR Beauty and will be giving you the best beauty tips you can find! Follow along on our beauty journey and glow with us!

Twitter: FWRBeauty
Pinterest: FWR_Beauty
Instagram: FWRBeauty
Facebook: FWRBeauty

Fairwayrock Tech

Fairwayrock Tech Logo

And of course, we have FWR Tech. FWR Tech is the place to be for all things tech. Whether you’re a full blow tech collector, or just like to keep up to date with the latest gadgets, we’ve got you covered at Fairwayrock Tech. If you’re looking for beginner’s tech solutions, trending topics, or amazing gadgets, FWR Tech is the place for you! Join us on our Tech journey and learn along the way with us.

Twitter: FWRTech
Pinterest: FWRTech
Instagram: FWR_Tech
Facebook: Fairwayrock Tech

Fairwayrock DIY

Fairwayrock DIY Logo

In addition to Tech, we have FWR DIY. If DIY is your thing, you’ll love Fairwayrock DIY. At FWR DIY, we will be focusing on helpful tools, How to guides, as well as exciting projects. It does not matter whether you’re a beginner to DIY or a veteran, we’ve got something that will fit your needs. Join us on our DIY journey and build along with us!

Twitter: FWRDIY
Pinterest: FWRDIY
Instagram: FWRDIY
Facebook: Fairwayrock DIY

Fairwayrock Home and Garden

Lastly, we have Home and Garden! Looking for a new account to follow for home décor and garden ideas? Fairwayrock Home and Garden is here! At FWR Home and Garden, you can expect to see unique garden tools, helpful home appliances, and amazing blogs. Whether you’re a new home owner, or just looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve got something for you. Join us on our Home and Garden journey!

Twitter: FWRHomeandGarden
Pinterest: FWRHomeandGarden
Instagram: FWRHome_Garden
Facebook: Fairwayrock Home and Garden

We hope you understand why we have done this and follow along with us. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are about these sub brands and what sub brands you want to see in the future!

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