Back to School Supplies 2021- Top 10 Essentials

21 August 2021

With many schools recently returning after the summer holidays, it’s time to get all the essentials for going back to school. It can be difficult to get everything you need for going back to school and it’s easy to forget even the simplest of essentials. That is why we have put together a list of 10 Back to School essentials to ensure you don’t forget anything!

Back to School Supplies, Stationery, Notes

1: Notebooks

Firstly, notebooks are one of the most important supplies for back to school. Most schools may provide you with notebooks, however, if you want to do studying at home, a notebook is perfect. In addition, if you go to college or university, you may need multiple notebooks for different classes.

Back to School supplies

Graffico Notebook W/Bound H/Bk A4

Back to School supplies

Twin Wire Hardback Notebook A5 Asst Ruled (Mac) (Pack-12)

Back to School supplies

Notebook A5 Sp/B Pink (Pack-5)

Jotta Notebook A4 W/B 4-Hole Feint Ruled (Pack-3)

Back to School supplies

Notebook A4 W/B H/Back Feint Ruled Margin Black (Pack-5)

Signature Notebook A5 C/B Soft Asst (Pack-5)

2: Pens and pencils- Back to school

Secondly, pens and pencils are another important back to school supply that you need! It is pretty self explanatory but without a pen or pencil, you won’t get very far in your work/ notetaking! However, you may find that using different coloured pens or pencils help you separate your notes better and make studying easier.

3: Backpacks

Thirdly, of course you will need a backpack or bag or some kind. However, what some people seem to forget sometimes is to check the size of the backpack. for example, if you need to take a laptop to school, you should always check that the backpack is big enough to fit the laptop in it.

Back to school supplies

Oakley 2019 Street Skate Backpack Alien Print

GOJI 15.6″ Laptop Backpack – Grey, Grey

HAMA Active Line Perth 15.6″ Laptop Backpack – Beige, Beige

Back to school supplies

TARGUS Groove X2 Compact 15″ Laptop Backpack – Red, Red

WENGER CityPatrol 16″ Laptop Backpack – Blue, Blue

Back to school supplies

WENGER Photon 14″ Laptop Backpack – Black & Grey, Black

4: Laptops- Back to school

In addition to backpacks, we have laptops. Not all school pupils will need a laptop, however, during COVID and for doing online homework, you may find having a cheap laptop handy. If you are going to college or university, the chances are that you will need a laptop, especially for online classes.Back to school supplies- laptop

DELL 15.6″ Laptop – 128 , Black

LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 3i 11.6″ 2 in 1 Laptop – Silver, 64 GB

ASUS 14″ Laptop – 128 GB, Blue

Back to school supplies- laptop

ACER Aspire 1 14″ Laptop – 64 GB, Black

Back to school supplies- laptop

HP Stream 11, 11.6″ Laptop – 32 GB, White

VENTURER Europa 14″ Laptop – 64 GB, Black

5: Calendar/ Diary

As well as laptops, we have a calendar or a diary. You can use an online calendar if you wish, however, we know some people prefer to have a physically copy of their calendar. Having a calendar or a diary is perfect for keeping track of important deadlines such as reports, homework and exams.

Back to school supplies- Calendar

Calendar Desk Mat Black

Magnetic Weekplanner 60×40 Grey Frame 22mm

Finally, Academic Planner/record 6 periods

6: Headphones- Back to school

Then, we have headphones/ earphones. You may find that during school time, you have to watch some videos. This is why it is great to have some spare headphones or earphone with you. You can also use them during studying and revision sessions.

Back to School supplies- Headphones

APPLE AirPods with Charging Case (2nd generation) – White

HOUSE OF MARLEY Smile Jamaica Headphones

HOUSE OF MARLEY Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Back to school supplies- Headphones

BEATS Studio 3 Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Back to School supplies- Kids Headphones

PHILIPS Kids Headphones – Pink & Purple

Back to school supplies- Headphones

JBL Tune 205BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black

7: Uniform

Uniform can be easy to forget as there is so many parts to remember. Above all, you should always double check what the uniform is for each year to ensure you get the right kind. Some schools may require you to buy uniform from a certain supplier or have all articles of clothing have the school logo on it. However, if this is not the case, you can get back to school clothes from most supermarkets. Below are a few clothing options that you may need.

  • Gym shoes/ kit
  • Indoor/ outdoor shoes
  • T-shirts/ shirts
  • Trousers
  • Skirts
  • Jumpers/ hoodies
  • Tie
  • Blazer

8: Label maker

Another important product you may not have thought about is a label maker. Label makers are great for adding your/ your child’s name to their belongings. This is especially important for things such as pack lunch boxes, jumpers and pencil cases. For example, if you or your child loses their jumper, you can check with the school for a missing jumper with your/ your child’s name on it rather than having to dig through a pile of clothes guess which one is yours.

Back to school supplies- label maker

Firstly, BROTHER PT Cube Bluetooth Label Printer

BROTHER Wireless Full Colour Label Printer

Electricians Label Printing Machine

Back to school supplies- label maker

QL-600B Label Printer

CANON A4 Premium Black Label Paper – 500 Sheets, Black

PTH110 Label Maker

9: Hand sanitiser and Face Masks

Since we are still affected by COVID, it is important to remember that using PPE and practising regular hand washing and hygiene is very important. That is why we recommend always having a few face masks handy in your bad as well as a bottle of hand sanitiser for when you can’t wash your hands with soap and water.

Water Based Hand Foam Sanitiser 600ml

Hadley Antibacterial 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser / Sanitizer Gel – 100ml

BELKIN UV Sanitiser & 10 W Wireless Charger

Hadley KN95/N95/FFP2 Professional Protective Face Mask – 10 Mask Pack

Hadley 3 Ply Surgical Elasticated Face Masks – 50 Mask Pack

Finally, Black 3-Ply Face Mask – Gamola Logo

10: Water bottle

Finally, we have water bottles. Water bottles are perfect for keeping hydrated throughout the school day without having to buy disposable water bottles everyday. This will also help reduce your carbon footprint and is more environmentally friendly!

Firstly, Ribble – Team Water Bottle

CamelBak Chute Mag 750ml Water Bottle

HIDRATE Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle – Black, Black

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In conclusion, we hope this blog has helped to give you a few ideas of supplies you may have forgot about. Let us know in the comments if we have missed anything!

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