Garden party ideas for summer

27 July 2021

Now that summer and the warmer weather is here, you are probably spending more time in the garden. So how about hosting a little garden party or doing some outdoor entertainment? In this blog we will give you all the garden party ideas you need to keep all your guests entertained and make your garden look lovely.

Keep out of the rain

Although it’s summer, we all know that the weathers unpredictable. So it is important to have some sort of shelter so that the rain won’t disrupt your garden party. A gazebo is a great option. What type of gazebo you go for will depend on your garden size, amount of guests and budget. We also have a blog post here where we discuss the best types of gazebos for different needs. This Blooma Betty White Rectangular Gazebo is a good option if you will be entertaining a larger number of guests. You could also opt for a parasol if you will just be having a few people over.

Light it up

Outdoor lights are essential for creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. You can go for fairy lights, lanterns, lamp post lights, there are so many options. You can check out our blog here on outdoor lighting ideas. String lights like these can hang on gazebos, fences, plants and trees which give a lovely touch. You also get cute solar animals like this solar pelican!

Lantern lights like these also give a beautiful touch, and can be placed wherever you like.


Of course you’ll need somewhere for guests to eat and put their drinks, so a tableware set is essential. What you’ll need will depend on how many guests you plan on hosting. You can go for something like a picnic bench , or a dining table set. A tablecloth also gives a nice touch and adds to the garden party vibe.

Comfy seating

A comfy garden sofa is essential so that guests can chill. You can also get things like bean bags.


Making your garden look pretty is of course important for impressing your guests. It doesn’t need to be anything too extravagant, even just planting some colourful flowers, or putting some flowers in vases adds a nice touch. If you are feeling creative, you could even have a go at creating a flower wall. You can also place some cute garden ornaments around your garden. This sparrow and hare garden ornaments are adorable and add some lovely charm to your garden.

You can also add a wooden arch and decorate it with lights or flowers, which would make a lovely entrance for your guests. For more garden decoration ideas check out our blog post here where we give you the top 10 garden decor ideas for summer.

Kids activites

If there are kids attending the garden party it’s important to keep them entertained too. There are many different outdoor games you can set up for them, though it will depend on their age. One thing you can do is hang up a piñata filled with sweets, which should keep them entertained for a while! If the weather forecast is good, you could considering getting a paddling pool or a slip and slide. You could also rent a bouncy castle if you have the space.


garden party ideas

Of course you can’t have a party without food! You will need to decide what kind of food you would like to serve your guests. But in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with a barbecue with classics like burgers, skewers and sausages. You can find some easy BBQ recipes here. If you don’t have a barbecue or you are in the market for a new one, you might need to consider what type is best for you. Gas barbecues are great for continuous cooking, whereas coal barbecues give that authentic smoky flavour. Or you could make your guests some pizza! A pizza oven is a great investment for outdoor dining if you’re a pizza fan. Plus it gives a great flavour.


No matter the occasion, balloons add such a fun touch to any garden party. You can get letter balloons to spell out a name, or anything you like. Or you can get something like this balloon garland which adds some colour and will look great in pictures!


Drinks are of course another essential. We wrote a blog post that you can check out here where we give some simple, delicious frozen cocktail recipes for summer. This LED Four Wave Ice Bucket is a great way to keep your drinks cool whilst bringing some funky colour to your garden. And if you don’t have an outdoor bar, you can get something like this garden trolley which is perfect for serving drinks and snacks.

Add music

What’s a garden party without any music? A portable speaker is a good choice as you don’t need to worry about wires. Just make sure it is charged up in time for your party. It is also a good idea to get something waterproof just in case it rains, or someone spills a drink!

Create an outdoor cinema

This is for those with big budgets, but your guests will definitely be impressed if you create your own cinema in your garden! You’ll need a projector, like this. The easiest way to create your cinema screen is to peg a white sheet to your washing line and weigh it down at the bottom to it doesn’t move around in the wind. Add some comfy cushions and a picnic blanket or outdoor rug. Or you can get some bean bags! And don’t forget to grab some popcorn for the ultimate cinema experience!

Hot tub time

A hot tub is one of the best garden party ideas if you are just having a few friends over, and its a great way to relax after you’ve finished cooking! This Lay-Z-Spa Paris 6 person Spa is a good option, with an airjet massage system and a remote controlled LED lighting system. It also has Freeze Shield technology, meaning you can use your hot tub all year round!

Keep warm

garden party ideas

Although it’s summer, it can still get chilly in the evenings so it is important to keep warm. You can get a fire pit which gives a nice warmth and glow. You could also roast marshmallows over the fire! Or you can go for a traditional patio heater, which may be safer if there will be small children around.

We hope that this blog has helped you decide upon all of the garden party ideas for a great time and impress your guests! Let us know in the comments if you have any great garden party ideas that we missed.

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