Easy Ice Lolly Recipes for Summer

5 July 2021

Summer is here, and there’s nothing better to cool down than a refreshing ice lolly! That’s why we have written this blog highlighting the best simple ice lolly recipes that you can make from home! All you need is simple ingredients, a blender and ice lolly moulds! Or if you don’t have moulds, you can recycle your plastic cups and use those instead! For blenders, we recommend the NINJA Foodi Power Blender, as it even blends through ice with ease. These ice lollies are great for entertaining adults as well as kids!

Three Berry Ice Lolly

ice lolly recipes

If you are a fan of berry flavours this ice lolly recipe is perfect as it packs three types of berries: strawberry, raspberries and blueberries! And it is super simple to make taking around 5 minutes to whip up (and a few hours to freeze).

Ingredients (makes 4):

120 grams blueberries

120 grams raspberries

120grams strawberries

120ml coconut milk

60ml honey


Wash your berries thoroughly and then pop them into your blender along with the coconut milk and honey. Blend until you get a smooth consistency. Don’t worry if you can see seeds, as after blending you should pour the mixture through a sieve to remove seeds. Once you have sieved the mixture, pour this into your ice lolly moulds. Put these in your freezer and leave for a few hours or overnight until solid. Then you can serve and enjoy!

Apricot Iced Tea Ice Lolly

ice lolly recipes

This is delicious if you’re a fan of apricots and want something to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way!


2 medium sized apricots

4 black tea bags

3 tbsp honey

470ml boiled water

60ml apricot nectar


Boil around 470ml of water and brew your tea, allowing tea bags to steep for about 5 minutes. Add in your honey and stir until it is dissolved, then add in your apricot nectar and stir. Slice your 2 apricots into thin slices and add a few slices to each ice lolly mould. Alternatively, you can blend the apricot if you want a smooth ice lolly. Pour your tea over the slices until your ice lolly moulds are full. Place your moulds into your freezer for at least 3-4 hours until frozen. Then you can serve and enjoy!

Strawberry Lime Ice Lolly

ice lolly recipes

These strawberry lime ice lollies are super easy to make with just 4 ingredients!



lime juice

coconut water (unsweetened)



Start by washing your strawberries and removing the green stems. Add these to your blender along with the lime juice, honey and coconut water. Blend for a few minutes until you get a smooth mixture. Then pour this mixture into the ice lolly moulds and freeze for at least 6 hours until solid. Now you are ready to enjoy!

Mango Ice Lolly

ice lolly recipes

This mango ice lolly recipe is super refreshing and summery!

Ingredients (makes 10):

3 cups of peeled and diced mango

2 tbsp maple syrup

half tbsp kosher salt

1/8 tbsp cardamom

1 cup full fat greek yoghurt


Combine the mango, maple syrup, salt and cardamom in your blender. Blend until you get a smooth mixture. Add this mixture and the greek yoghurt to a bowl and mix until combined. Transfer this mixture to a measuring cup and pour into your ice lolly moulds. Place these in the freezer at least 8 hours or overnight. Once frozen, run warm water over the moulds to loosen the ice lollies and then serve!

Chocolate Nutella Ice Lolly

If you are a chocolate lover with a sweet tooth, this nutella ice lolly recipe is one to try.


470ml milk

120ml heavy cream

120ml nutella

2 tbsp maple syrup

(optional) melted chocolate and sprinkles


Combine your milk, cream, nutella and syrup in a blender and blend until you get a smooth mixture. Pour into your ice lolly moulds and leave to freeze overnight. Remove lollies from their moulds by briefly running them under hot water. If you’d like to add extra chocolate and sprinkles, transfer these to a foil sheet. Dip the tops of each ice lolly into melted (cooled down) chocolate and then add your sprinkles. Allow to set in fridge and then serve!

Cherry Vanilla Ice Lolly

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This cherry vanilla ice lolly recipe is delicious, and they look insta-worthy! And all you need are 4 ingredients!


1 and a half cups of pitted cherries

2 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup

2 tsp vanilla extract

400ml full fat coconut milk


Add the pitted cherries and honey to a food processor (or blender if you want it smooth) and mix until they form together. Then mix the coconut milk together with the vanilla extract. Get your ice lolly moulds, and alternate between pouring your coconut milk and spooning in your cherry mixture to create layers. Pop in your freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight, then serve!

Fresh Orange Ice Lolly

This is a simple one but perfect for all the orange lovers out there! And all you need are 2 main ingredients! (and 1 optional).

Ingredients (makes 4):

Juice of 5 or 6 large oranges (or 300ml juice)

A squeeze of lemon or lime juice for tangy flavour

A sprinkle of sugar (optional)


Pour your orange juice in a jug and add in your lemon or lime juice, adjusting to your preference. You can also add in a sprinkling of sugar if you want extra sweetness, or if your orange juice is quite bitter. Pour your mixture into your ice lolly moulds and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours or overnight until they turn solid. You can then dip the moulds into hot water to loosen them. Serve and enjoy!

We hope that this blog has helped you find some delicious ice lolly recipes to try this summer! Let us know which ones you make!

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