10 Gardening tools you need for 2021

Summer is here and it’s time to get your garden in order! The UK has had a hard Winter which we all know has affected our gardens overall health and look. That is why we have put together a short blog on the top 10 gardening tools you need for this year.

1: Lawnmower- Gardening tools

Firstly, we have a lawnmower. If you have grass in your garden, a lawnmower is a must have! Mowing your lawn regularly will make it look neat and presentable. Not only will it make your lawn look neat, but mowing your own lawn can save you up to £850 a year by removing the need to pay someone to mow your lawn.

Hyundai Self Propelled Electric Push Button Start 196cc Petrol Lawnmower

2: Spade/ Shovel

Secondly, a spade or shovel is an essential tool to have in your gardening kit. These tools are perfect for digging up soil, grass and break up lumps of dirt. You can also use a shovel or spade to edge around your garden creating straight and neat lines at the edge of your grass.

Shovel Gardening tools
Green Blade Square Mouth Shovel

3: Gloves- Gardening tools

Thirdly, gloves are extremely important when it comes to gardening. You may find yourself being tackled with sharp and spiky plants that hurt your hands when trying to manoeuvre them. However, by having a pair of gardening gloves handy, you will be able to protect your hands from any injuries, whilst also being able to grip on to things better.

Gloves Gardening tools
Verve Multicolour Gardening gloves Medium

4: Shears

Next, we have shears. Shears are the perfect tool to cut back all of your thinner branches/ plants. By keeping some shears on hand, whether they’re basic hand held shears, or electric shears, you will be able to trim back all the stray branches that have made their way into your garden. You can also use shears for cutting back your plants when they are overgrown.

Shears Gardening tools
Bosch Isio Grass hedges & shrubs Shears

5: Hand trowel

Then, we have the hand trowel. Hand trowels are similar to spades and shovels, except they are much smaller and better for smaller areas. You can use your hand trowel to move around small bits of soil and dirt, as well as dig small holes. Hand trowels are also great for smoothing over dirt and creating a neat and flat surface.

Hand trowel Gardening tools
Draper Young Gardener Hand Trowel

6: Wheelbarrow- Gardening tools

A wheelbarrow can be used for a huge range of things. They are great for transporting tools around your garden, as well as transporting weeds, soil and dead plants from the garden to the bin. They make your life much easier and prevent you from having to go back and forth to the shed multiple times.

Wheelbarrow Gardening tools
Garden Wheelbarrow

7: Garden hose

Next, we have a garden hose. Garden hoses are an essential, especially if you have a few plants or flowers. Hoses are needed in a garden as water is essential to all life in your garden. Although in the UK, we can usually rely on the rain to water our plants, having a garden hose handy is always a great idea as you can ensure that every corner of your garden gets watered all year round.

Hose Gardening tools
GARDENA 2691-20 Hose Reel Set – 20 m

8: Watering can

Similar to the garden hose, a watering can is a must have in a garden as it brings water to your plants. It is a lot more accurate than a hose and is better for smaller areas, such as flowers beds, or potted plants.

Watering can Gardening tools
Strata Red Plastic Watering can 7L

9: Chainsaw

Next, we have a chainsaw. Chainsaws are needed for the more stubborn branches and trees that your shears cannot defeat. Having a chainsaw handy when your thicker branches being to overgrow, or when you want to cut down one of the trees in your garden. In addition, you can use a chainsaw to cut planks into smaller sections to use for firewood when you’re having a garden party!

Chainsaw Gardening tools
Hyundai 62cc 20” Petrol Chainsaw, 2-Stroke easy-start | HYC6200X

10: Flowers / plants

Finally, of course we have flowers and plants. Flowers and plants can completely transform a garden from looking dull and lifeless, to looking bright and exciting. Whether you like the look of roses, petunias, or even an apple tree, there is some kind of plant of flower that will suit your aesthetic.

Smart Garden Multicolour Petunia artificial Hanging basket 25cm

We hope this blog has helped you understand what you need to make your garden look great again! Let us know in the comments how you get on with your garden restoration.

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