What is the best Gazebo for you?

19 June 2021

Gazebos are a staple piece of outdoor furniture, especially during the Summer months. However, there is so many to choose from it can sometime be a bit overwhelming. That is why we have created this simple blog for you to find out which gazebo suites your needs the best. Whether you’re looking for budget gazebo or an extravagant one, we’ve got you covered.

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Best budget Gazebo:

Blooma Moses Grey Rectangular

Blooma Moses Grey Rectangular Gazebo  (W)4m (D)3m
Blooma Moses Grey Rectangular from £255.00

Firstly, we have this simple and basic gazebo which is the best budget gazebo you can get! It’s simplistic design provides shade and shelter from the weather with the sliding roof letting you control how much sunlight to let in. This product is perfect if you just want a little something to pop up now and again throughout the year for BBQs, garden parties, covering your hot tub, you name it!

Best hosting Gazebo:

Bamboo Bar

Bamboo Bar from £8500.00

Furthermore, we have this stunning bamboo Gazebo bar which is perfect for hosting parties all year long. If it is a sunny day, simply roll up the side curtains to the roof to let in the sun shine! The bamboo table in the centre is not fixed, meaning you can move it around to wherever you like. This product comes with free delivery and free installation! The bamboo Gazebo bar is definitely the best gazebo for someone who loves to host garden parties. It now also comes with a free heatwave heater!

Best tech:

Pergolux Motorised

Thirdly, we have the Pergolux Motorised Gazebo. This product is stunning and looks very futuristic and modern with a fully motorised system. Both the shuttered roof and the optional side screens are fully motorised allowing you to let sunlight in or out as required. The switch box that controls the LED lights and motorised louvers can be positioned where it’s most convenient for you. This product is full of amazing tech and is perfect for making you garden look a little more futuristic!

Pergolux Motorised Gazebo | 4.5M | Pergolux Range
Pergolux Motorised from £7800.00

Most Extravagant:

Four Seasons Sedona

Four Seasons Sedona 3.65 x 4.86m
Four Seasons Sedona from £1699.99

In addition, we have the stunning Four Seasons Sedona. This product is our most extravagant gazebo simply because of the amazing roof and roman column effect frame. The Sedona is just under five metres long and over three and a half metres wide, just the perfect size. Protect yourself and your guests with the tinted polycarbonate fibre roof which stabilises UV rays.. Just an extra bonus to this extravagant gazebo!

Best for smaller gardens:

Deluxe Wooden

Deluxe Wooden - 3m x 3m
Deluxe Wooden from £499.99

Finally, we have the Deluxe Wooden. Having a smaller garden doesn’t stop you from having a stunning gazebo! The Deluxe Wooden proves just that. With a size of 3m x 3m, it’s a smaller gazebo, however, it still looks amazing and can be used for parties, BBQs, or even just a bit of shelter from the sun. If the rain comes on, it’s no problem as this product has waterproof side curtains and canopy. This gazebo is made to be more portable too, so you can take it out on the road easily.

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