What is the best type of BBQ: Gas, Charcoal or Electric?

As the weather warms up, you’ll probably be keen to get into your garden for a nice BBQ! But if you’re in the market for a new BBQ, it can be tricky to know which type is right for you and your needs? In this blog we explain the main types of BBQ’s (gas, charcoal and electric) and highlight the pros and cons to each. We also make some great product recommendations.

Gas BBQ’s

Gas barbecues are a good option if you are looking for something that is convenient and quick, and are the most common type people opt for today. They are quick to heat up in comparison to charcoal, taking as little as 10 minutes. The heat is consistent and easy to control, and can be adjusted by simply turning a knob. You can also simply turn it off and start it back up again as required. This is handy if you have guests arriving at different times or decide you want seconds! Gas barbecues are also very simple and quick to clean after cooking, as they don’t leave any coal or ash behind like charcoal does. Gas barbecues are also preferable over charcoal if you are environmentally conscious, as they give off less smoke and CO2.

However, gas barbeques don’t give the same level of heat or authentic barbecue flavour as charcoal. They also tend to be larger and may not be portable if attached to a natural gas line.

So overall, gas is the best type of BBQ if you want something that is fast and easy to control.

Gas BBQ Recommendation

This Crusader Portable Propane/Butane Folding Gas Barbecue is a good option if you decide on a gas BBQ. It is especially ideal if you would like to take your barbecue on a trip as it is foldable with wheels and can be wheeled around like a suitcase for easy portability. It can be used as a freestanding or a table top barbecue.

Charcoal BBQ’s

If taste is your main priority and you want your meat to have that smoky, grilled flavour, then you will be more suited to a charcoal BBQ. Charcoal barbecues reach a heat that is unmatched by gas and electric. They also tend to take up less space and are usually less expensive than gas and electric BBQ’s.

However, cooking with charcoal produces a lot of smoke. This is worth bearing in mind if you are planning on barbequing in close proximity to other people. This is also important to note from an environmental view, as charcoal releases 2-3 times more CO2 into the air than gas. Charcoal barbequing is also more time-consuming than gas and electric. You’ll need to light the coals and stoke them until they reach the right temperature, which can take 20-30 minutes. Also unlike with gas and electric, you can’t simply turn on and off a charcoal barbeque when required. Charcoal also requires more clean-up due to the ashes and debris it leaves behind.

Overall, a charcoal barbecue is the best type of BBQ if getting that authentic, smoky flavour is important to you.

Charcoal BBQ Recommendation

best bbq charcoal

This GoodHome Rockwell C410 Black Charcoal Barbecue is a good option if you’re looking for a charcoal BBQ capable of serving large groups (up to 16). It also has an electrical rotisserie that is great for cooking chicken.  

If you’re looking for something more compact then this Blooma Rockwell Black Charcoal Barbecue is a great choice, cooking for up to 6 people.

Charcoal and Gas hybrid option

best type of bbq

If you can’t decide between gas or charcoal, this Rockwell Black Charcoal & Gas Hybrid Barbecue is a perfect option. You can use the gas and charcoal option at the same time. It is sturdy and has large storage space underneath the barbecue and an integrated warming rack and side table. The large cooking surfaces also make it ideal if you are cooking for a large group (up to 14).

Electric BBQ’s

Electric barbeques are a newer type of BBQ, and have become more popular over time. These are user-friendly, as you simply plug them into a socket and they heat up faster than charcoal and gas. Like gas, they have knobs for easy temperature control. They are also safer as they have no flame, and they don’t produce CO2 making them more environmentally friendly than other options. They are also very simple and fast to clean. Electric barbecues come in compact sizes and are a great option if you live in a flat and may be restricted from using gas or coal barbecues. However, they don’t generate the same heat as charcoal and gas BBQ’s, meaning they give the least “barbecued” flavour. You will also need to have access to a nearby power socket.

electric bbq pros and cons

Overall, electric barbecues are the best type of BBQ if you want something that heats very fast and is simple to use, and environmentally friendly.

Electric BBQ Recommendation

best bbq electric

This Weber Pulse 1000 Electric Barbecue was designed for city balconies. It is compact and has integrated iGrill technology, which is a thermometer that can connect to an app on your smartphone. This lets you monitor the temperature of your food and receive an alert when it is ready!

Extra Essentials

Of course, you’ll need some cooking tools for your new barbecue! This handy Barbecue Multi-Tool is great for all your needs. It features a basting brush, bottle opener, corkscrew, fork and spatula.

You also need to keep your BBQ sparkling clean, and this Jeyes Fluid BBQ Cleaner does the job well. It kills bacteria and easily removes grease and burnt-on food from barbecue equipment, chimeneas and utensils.

We hope that this blog has helped you decide what is the best type of BBQ for you!.

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