What Do I Need For Road Cycling?

Road Cycling season is almost here! You have maybe decided you want to pick up a road bike for the first time! But road cycling is a little bit different to the kind of cycling you might be used. Therefore you will require some extra accessories. We have put together the road cycling essentials you need.

What is the best road bike?

This question very much depends on where you will mainly be using your road bike. If you are going to be doing a lot of cycling on hills, a lighter bike is a good choice. Whereas if you plan to be cycling on flatter ground, you want a road bike which gives you the best aerodynamics.

As well as these considerations, you should also think about whether you want a bike which is more comfortable or puts you in the best position for cycling as fast as possible.

Ribble Bikes are one of our favourite suppliers. This Endurance SL road bike is a good choice as it is pretty versatile and a good price for the quality.

Ribble - Endurance SL - Teal road bike

What do I wear for road cycling?

The top thing to remember when choosing cycling wear for road cycling? Comfort first. There is a reason you see road cyclists in Lycra and Gore-Tex as when it gets cold, these keep you warm. This is practical because it is also aerodynamic.

You will also need to make sure you choose a fit which is comfortable for you and lets you move. As well as this, you want to think about how the fabric will cope with seat. With cotton tshirts, sweat soaks in and the rider gets cold. Whereas clothes specifically for cycling will allow the sweat to evaporate off. In addition, cycling jackets should also be breathable but waterproof on the outside. This is why cycling waterproofs often have vents on them to let the warm air out.

road cycling jacket

Do I need different shoes for road cycling?

Road cyclists who want the highest efficiency use shoes with cleats. These have stiff soles and the shoes connect to the pedal through three holes rather than clips. They are not designed for walking as they would be uncomfortable to walk on and have little tread.

These Look Keo Classic Plus with Keo Grip Cleats are a good option as they have fast clip in/clip out and optimise pedal stiffness.

Look - Keo Classic Plus with Keo Grip Cleats

Any other road cycling accessories?

There is a whole minefield of other road cycling accessories for you to dig into! However what is most important is having lights on your bike, using a helmet, and carrying a water bottle with you.

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