How to Use a Wood Router Power Tool

Wood Routers are very useful power tools in woodwork. A router is used to hollow out an area of wood. However you can also use it for making grooves and joints or creating patterns within the wood. Usually a router will be in the form of a power tool. This is because it is easier to create the desired outcome and it can be more precise.

Examples of woodwork projects which you could use a router for include doors, picture frames, shelves, desks and even cutting laminate.

How to Use Your Wood Router

  1. Install the bit by inserting and tightening into place
  2. Fit the appropriate attachment for the job you are completing, such as a parallel cutter to cut a trench or a groove
  3. Bring the blade flush against the surface and cut carefully and slowly
  4. Keep going until the work is complete, adjusting the depth to build the groove or shape

As you become familiar with using the wood router, you will get better in your technique and ability. It will take a little practice to get the control and accuracy, however once you are confident in your ability it will make a great difference to your DIY projects.

Make Sure You Move The Router Right Direction

It is important that you move the router correctly. This should be done by moving the router against the rotation of the bit. However it is important to note that this is only if the router is in the middle between you and the piece of work. By following this, you will have better control over the work you do. If you were to move the router in the same direction as the bit’s rotation, you would find the router running against the edge of the workpiece. This makes control more difficult.

Safety Advice

When using a router for woodwork, be careful your fingers do not come close to the blade. We also recommend you wear Personal Clothing and Protection such as safety gloves and safety glasses. You should also ensure you have plenty of space to move the wood and are not going to trip on anything lying on the ground.

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