What Do You Need in a DIY Mechanic Toolbox?

24 November 2020

A DIY mechanic toolbox is the perfect set of equipment for you if you enjoy working on your car yourself. There are many things you can do to work on your car, but you just need to find the right automotive tools and equipment!

Before thinking about buying the tools you need tool and equipment storage. Therefore we will start with a little bit of information on where you can get toolboxes which are great as a DIY mechanic toolbox. We have put together a list of the best tools for working on your own car, as well as a list of other essential items you will need. This will get you started with the most essential items for your DIY mechanic toolbox and are useful for a range of projects.

What are the best toolboxes?

First, you need to find yourself a great mechanic toolbox for storage. Most big tool brands such as DeWalt and Makita will do some excellent toolboxes that you can buy.

I find that Stanley manufacture are some of my favourite tool boxes due to their versatility, high quality and variety of options available. I personally use the Stanley 1-95-830 20″ Galvanised Toolbox & Drawer. This gives me plenty of room to store all the tools and supplies I need, yet it is sturdy and can be easily moved if required.

best diy mechanic toolbox

As well as storage options from the popular brands, you can also find some great quality own-brand toolboxes from most DIY stores.

Top 10 Tools for a DIY Mechanic Toolbox:

  1. Impact Wrench
  2. Drill Driver
  3. Socket Set
  4. Ratcheting and Screwdriver Set
  5. Torque Wrenches
  6. Cable Ties
  7. Heat Gun or Blow Torch
  8. Slide Hammer Bearing Puller/Remover
  9. Digital Vernier Caliper
  10. Wire Strippers

These tools will get your DIY mechanic toolbox well on your way! It will ensure you have the most essential tools which will be versatile for a range of mechanic work.

You can also get automotive tool sets and bundles which with a few of these items all together. Because you are buying as a set, you can often save some money. For example, this Tool Tray with Impact Wrench, Sockets & Tyre Tool Set 42PC is a very useful set that gives you a range of the essential tools mentioned.

Tool Tray with Impact Wrench, Sockets & Tyre Tool Set 42PC automotive

However, in your DIY mechanic toolbox, you will want to consider some other essential mechanic supplies. These are not tools, but will be things you use frequently, and will assist you in your DIY mechanic work. We have also put together a list of some of the other essential DIY Mechanic Toolbox Items you will need!

Other Essential DIY Mechanic Toolbox Items:

  1. Cable Ties
  2. WD-40
  3. Mechanics Gloves
  4. Boiler Suit
  5. Bag of Rags
  6. Parts Washer
  7. Knee Pads
  8. Bucket
  9. Set of Mini Wire Brushes
  10. Car Cleaning Supplies

Items on these list have different uses. For example, mechanic gloves, a boiler suit and knee pads will all protect you and keep you clean. Car cleaning supplies are also good for making sure your car stays clean and presentable after it has had the work carried out. And other items such as cable ties and WD-40 will be very useful for you as you work on a range of automotive projects.

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