Which Flowers Will Bloom During Winter?

20 October 2020

Certain flowers will still bloom during winter, meaning you can still keep your garden looking great despite the weather getting colder. It also looks like there could still be coronavirus related restrictions in place this year. Therefore, we will have a lot more time at home, and gardening is one way we can keep ourselves busy. By spending even small amounts of time on finding garden plants and trees suitable for winter, your garden can look beautiful!

We will look at some of the most popular flowers which bloom in winter. Let us know in the comments below what flowers you will be planting for winter!

1. Salix Tetrapla (White Cat Pussy Willow)

The Salix Tetrapla is a beautiful white cat pussy willow. They flower between late winter and spring, giving cream coloured soft catkins. This flower is a new form of the Kilmarnock Pussy Willow. This plant reminds us of Christmas time, with it fitting in to snowy landscapes and beautiful winter foliage arrangements. As a very elegant and unique looking plant, we recommend trying it out this year!

Salix tetrapla - White Cat - Pussy Willow at Fairwayrock

2. Snowdrops

If you are looking for the perfect hassle-free plant, you have come to the right place! Snowdrops are one of the easiest flowers to plant and maintain. They are very versatile and can withstand the cold winter temperatures we get each year in the UK. Another great fact about snowdrops is that they are pest-free. They will grow best if they are planted in moist but well drained soil. You will also find they grow well under trees as they are shaded.

Top tip for planting snowdrops: Sometimes you may think the soil they have been planted in looks bare throughout the warmer months. The plant is still there, however it is lying dormant under the surface. To avoid the area looking barren you can plant ferns to hide the gap. These will look great through summer, but allow the snowdrops to shine through in winter months!

Snowdrops winter flowers

3. Winter Jasmine Flowers

Winter jasmine, as the name suggests, will bloom in the winter season. Its bright yellow colour will add a vivid touch to your garden and looks great climbing up a trellis. This plant will take a little bit more maintenance compared to the first two we have discussed. We recommend this flower is pruned regularly to keep it tidy, but it should also be given a large space. This will allow it to really flourish and show itself off.

Winter jasmine flowers

These are three of our favourite flowers which will bloom in winter. We think they look great in gardens, allotments and green spaces. We are also excited to see what other winter flowers people choose to plant this year!

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