What Type of Safety Harness Do I Need?

Selecting the right safety harness will not only assist work being carried out, but is also a critical health and safety factor. Different harnesses are available for varying purposes. Whichever safety harness is used must be appropriate for the job. If this is wrong, there could unfortunately be dangerous consequences.

However, choosing the correct safety harness can be more difficult than expected. This us due to the fact there is such a large range available on the market.

Types of Safety Harness

3 main types of harness are generally used in fall protection. These are specifically for working from height.

  • Single Point Full Body Harness: This has attachment points only on the rear of the harness.
  • Two Point Full Body Harness: There are attachment points at both the front and the rear of the harness.
  • Full body Safety Harness: There are attachments at a variety of points of the harness. Often, you will also find that they have extra functions such as work belts and D rings on the sides.

The full body safety harness will generally be your most versatile option as there is more support for the worker while they are suspended. As a result, they will have some more protection. A risk assessment must be carried out for health and safety of workers, ensuring the workplace is safe. This is because you need to determine which harness will be the most suitable for each job.

Use of safety harness

Fall Arrest Lanyards

Lanyards are also important when a safety harness is in use. They can be different materials, sizes and lengths depending on the purpose. They will require an effective connector to attach them to the harness. Shock absorbing lanyards are lightweight and can reduce the risk of tripping and snagging.

How Do I Protect Tools When Working From Height?

When using a harness during work, fall protection for tools is important. Often, there will not be anywhere convenient to store the tools while you are working at height. Therefore, you will possibly need to carry the tools on you. This would be impossible to hold if you need multiple tools and pieces of hardware. This is why some harnesses will have extras on them such as D rings and work belts. In order to assist with that, there are a few options of accessories that clip on and protect tools. Toggle bags, belt loops, and battery bags are some examples. They are popular and safe ways to carry and protect tools while working from height. Usually, they can clip on to a full body safety harness with additional features.

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