What is the Difference Between Gas and Arc Welding?

Gas welding, called oxy-fuel welding, uses flammable gases to generate heat which will weld metals. Arc welding uses electricity to generate heat for welding. This article will give you a run down of the differences between gas and arc welding. Hopefully this will help you decide which is best for your purposes.

Gas welding will allow you to create very high quality welds and is the most versatile type of welding as you can use the gas to weld or cut almost any metal. However it requires high skill to get the this stage. It can also be more time consuming and welding gas must be mixed precisely.

Arc welding can be less expensive and creating a good weld does not require the same level of skill. Modern day arc welders can still give you a very high quality weld which is sufficient. A major benefit of arc welding is that the join is often stronger than gas welding due to the higher temperature which the metals melt to.

The verdict? Gas welding will be more versatile if you know what you are doing, however arc welding is much more efficient and will still give you a great weld.

Both gas and arc welding have some significant risks. Arc welding requires a high voltage which can lead to an explosion. Gas welding, on the other hand, has risk of explosion due to the high pressure that gas is stored it. Due to this, it is important all safety checks have been completed and precautionary measures are set in place. This will minimise these serious risks and allow for a safer workplace.

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Are MIG Welding and Gas Welding Different?

Due to MIG welding using gases to operate, gas welding is sometimes confused with MIG welding. While gas welding uses gases to weld and cut metals, MIG welding uses a shielding gas to cover the weld and prevent it from oxidising.

What PPE Do You Wear for Welding?

The other important thing to remember while welding is to use correct PPE. Gloves will protect your hands and a welding helmet will protect your eyes. Cover your body properly because sparks and bits of metal could easily hit you.

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