How often should you replace a Lifejacket?

17 June 2020

200 people drown each year around the coastal waters of the UK and Ireland. But, if you use a lifejacket, you are four times more likely to survive an accident while immersed in cold water. This demonstrates exactly why using a lifejacket is critical. They are required across various sectors as well as different personal activities.

However, due to the degradation of materials lifejackets do have a life-span. Below are some of the important requirements you’ll need to know before purchasing various lifejackets and buoyancy aids, including some additional information.

Inflatable Lifejackets

Lifejackets are designed to keep you floating in water without having to swim. The Emergency Sea Rescue Equipment Trade Federation (FSR) advise that an inflatable lifejacket or inflatable vest will need replaced after a maximum of 10 years. But this will largely depend on it meeting standards and how often it is used. Furthermore, it will still need servicing regularly by the supplier or service station at a maximum of every 2 years. Within industry, there will often be service contracts agreed for more continual testing. Even if the lifejacket appears to be fine, it must be disposed of after the 10 years as elements such as the flotation could fail.

What about Buoyancy Jackets?

Buoyancy jackets are different to life jackets as they are designed to help swim should you capsize, for example. They also have a lower buoyancy compared to lifejackets. Surprisingly, this is why some people choose to purchase them! Lifejackets can actually make swimming more difficult which can become a problem in some activities or situations. For foam filled buoyancy aids, the life-span is also 10 years but they require much less servicing than lifejackets. They can be visually inspected for any issues such as tears which will impact effectiveness. Additionally, the foam will compress over time resulting in less buoyancy. It will then need replaced if this is the case. You can ask the manufacturer to inspect it if you are unsure.

Choosing the Right Lifejacket For You

Marine safety equipment is an important requirement within industry. Within the sector, you will need to know what purposes the lifejackets will serve as well as how to service and use them correctly. They also come in different sizes and colours, including Hi-Vis Lifejackets.

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