5 Reasons You Need To Download The Fairwayrock Mobile App

11 June 2020

Fairwayrock.com is the world’s leading marketplace for industry supplies and consumables. But we have just made industry purchasing even more convenient with the launch of our mobile app.

1. Save time and money

Industry purchasing is a major operation across all sectors. Traditionally it is filled with processes, costing your company time and money. However, you now have access to the trade supplies you need with the tap of your fingers.

2. Gain global access to UK products

Fairwayrock App is available globally and is offering almost 1 million industry supplies for export from the UK. These products also come from some of the top brands and manufacturers, again without the long processes and cost mark-ups. Simply add all required export products to your request for quotation and receive your total cost, including shipping, within 24 hours.

3. Easily view supplies relevant to your industry sector

The Fairwayrock app allows you to browse industry equipment and supplies by sector. This therefore conveniently keeps you updated with the latest products released within your field of work.

4. Receive exclusive offers and discount codes

When you download the Fairwayrock app, you will additionally receive exclusive offers and discounts from hundreds of suppliers! Many of these are also for personal products available on the marketplace, such as Samsung TVs, smart watches, and active wear.

5. Be part of a growing community

This platform is fresh, innovative, and growing quickly. New suppliers are also joining every day, giving you direct access to industry products. Join the Fairwayrock journey today, discovering new suppliers and convenient ways of ordering. Be part of a community which believes in Fair Play, Fair Trade, The Fairway.

How do I download the Fairwayrock App?

In conclusion, the Fairwayrock App is the best way to conveniently find everything you need from your phone. In addition to saving you time and money in procurement, it gives you added benefits. For example, discount codes exclusive to Fairwayrock products.

To download the app:

Click Here For Apple

Click Here For Android

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