Supporting Small Businesses: Rubycom

27 March 2020

At Fairwayrock, we firmly believe in supporting other small businesses in this uncertain time. Rubycom are a local company who work to improve financial performance for their clients. They offer financial director services, training and development, and team building and recruitment services.

We spoke to Craig, one of the directors. We wanted to find out how the corona virus has affected them, and what people can be doing to support them now and once the pandemic is finished. Check out what they said:

Rubycom and COVID-19

In terms of Rubycom, and our new way of working, COVID-19 has not affected us that much so far. We are very fortunate in that we can work from home and still hold meetings. We use Teams, Zoom etc and of course the old fashioned method of phone calls. Obviously we miss the face to face element of meeting clients and business partners, and it becomes a little harder to develop new relationships in the short term. 

Our biggest concern is towards our clients and ensuring they have reviewed their short term cashflows and are managing their staffing situation carefully. With sales, revenues and income reducing in many businesses, one of the most important things we do is review a clients’ fixed costs with them. We can then see what can be reduced, stopped or deferred. A number of companies are “furloughing” staff under the government support measures. This is used as an alternative to making redundancies or laying-off staff in order to ensure they can keep a strong team ready for when the current restrictions are lifted. Head to the Government website for full details.

So far we have been very impressed by the increased “team attitude” at many companies. People are working together to manage a very difficult situation. Once this situation has passed, I do foresee that there may be large-scale changes in the way of working for a number of businesses. It is likely this will particularly be with flexible working, remote working, video conferencing and better sharing of information.

Needing Some Financial Advice?

The team at Rubycom are available to assist companies having difficulties or just need some advice or support in navigating the next few weeks and months ahead. Check out their website for more information.

Know of any small businesses we can support?

If you know of any small businesses who have been affected by COVID-19, let us know! We’d love to help out in any way we can. Email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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