Which Storage Cabinet Should My Workplace Get?

The correct storage cabinet can be a game-changer in a workplace. Everything messy and disorganised? Nightmare. People do not feel so ready to start their jobs and morale can be lower. Everything in its place in a practical way which is compact and easy to access? Now that’s what we love to hear!

As Fairwayrock is a marketplace for industry, we find a lot of people asking about storage solutions for their workplaces, whether this is for office or workshop use. Therefore, we have written this guide to advise you which storage cabinet you need for your workplace.

When choosing the right size of storage cabinet for your workplace, it will largely depend on the space available, the reason for storage, and the number of people on your team.

What is a Storage Cabinet?

Storage cabinets will usually range from 16 inch (40cm) to 24 inch (70cm) in depth. They provide a hidden or secure way to store items. Often these are items which you do not need every day, but are easily accessible. A storage cabinet will work in almost any workplace space, such as offices, kitchens or cupboards. What we love about them is that the space stays need as they will have operable doors to conceal the inside if so desired. They can also usually be locked if you are using your cabinet for storing confidential files.

How Do I Organise My Storage Cabinet?

The biggest downfall with a storage cabinet is that they can be difficult to organise. We recommend using a colour coded filing system if you are using it to store items such as documents and files with a magazine file or different coloured sections. Alternatively, you could group similar items together in different coloured baskets or trays. For example, if you are using it to store cleaning products. This Bosch L Boxx Storage System – Basket / Tote Tray is perfect for storing some tools or hardware. Both of these techniques will keep your storage cabinet neat and tidy, so long as people stick to the method.

Top 5 Storage Cabinets

1. Clifton Place Storage Sideboard

This modern yet classic storage cabinet is for those who want their office to look beautiful and sleek. We love this when it’s in traditional office buildings.

Clifton Place Storage Sideboard

2. Draper Flammable Storage Cabinet, 712 x 355 x 305mm

This Flammable Storage cabinet is idea for use with any flammable, explosive or oxidising substances. We often see it purchased for industrial workplaces.

3. Bott 16929213.11 Verso Eco Lectern Cupboard

This is a cabinet we recommend for an industrial setting. It is very useful as the top features a sloping top lecture with a pen tray. This makes the cabinet ideal when storage is monitored and employees must mark what has been put in or taken out of the cabinet. Alternatively, it can be good for quickly drawing up plans.

4. Bott Verso Mobile 7 Drawer Cabinet 1050X550X965 W/ Top Tray Mat

This roller cabinet is great for storing tools. It features seven 50kg U.L.D. capacity drawers meaning you can easily organise items. They are also easy to see laid out for accessibility. We love this one because it is so portable when tools are required for different jobs. Just remember to pop the brakes on!

5. Keter Patio Wood Effect Garden Storage Bench Box

This Cabinet is excellent if you need some extra worktop space. We recommend it particularly if you are short for space, as it has both drawers and cuboards for storing a mixture of items. This cabinet can also be used in both outdoor spaces or industrial work spaces making it a very versitile option.

Find The Storage Cabinet For You

The most important things when deciding on the storage cabinet you will go for are the measurements, and what you will store inside the unit. While we have given some of our bestselling for different uses, there is a whole selection of cabinets to choose from at Fairwayrock.

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