Valentine’s Day DIY Projects

Want to create something beautiful and thoughtful for your other half this Valentine’s Day? You’ve come to the right place for all things do-it-yourself. At Fairwayrock we love helping people to create new DIY projects! We have put together some great ideas for your Valentine’s Day DIY Projects. These are all suitable for beginners, but can be enjoyed by experts alike!

DIY Photo Frame

A DIY Photo Frame is one of our most simple DIY projects we have tried. It has a great rustic feel to it. You just need to get some lengths of wood, and saw them into the appropriate measurements you want. We suggest 2 lengths of 70 cm, and 4 lengths of 30 cm. Nail them together with a 16oz claw hammer. You can then attach some string to the back and hang it from your wall. We think this works well in a kitchen or hall way.

You can make this extra thoughtful by hanging up photos of you and your valentines into the frame.

Valentines Day DIY Projects photo frame

DIY Candle Holders

Pretty cool, eh? And these would look great next to your new DIY photo frame! For these you just need to get some wood similar shape as shown below (roughly 400mm x 200mm x 50mm). But these measurements do not need to be exact. You can either buy wood like this, find some flat drift wood, or recycle wood. Paint or gloss varnish this as you like.

The next step is to attach a simple oval link chain to a mason jar lid. You can pick up cheaply in most supermarket or home stores. This can be done by drilling a small hole into the top as shown below, and joining them with Hooks or Links. We used the Matlock 38Mm X 4Mm S-Hook Bzp-Electro Galv S-hooks. We then spray painted this black and screwed on to the jar.

attaching chain to mason jar lid

The end is easy. Use another hook such as an Unshouldered Cup Hooks, Chrome Plated 50mm. Screw this in to your wood around a quarter of the way down in the middle. You can then hang your jar from this and pop a candle inside! This makes a beautiful and cheap valentine’s gift.

DIY wooden lamps

DIY Romantic Wine Bottle and Glass Stand

What better way to add a romantic touch to your valentine’s day than creating this wine bottle and glass stand for two? This is our most complex of our valentine’s day DIY projects, and requires some more specific tools.

We bought a planks of wood and divided them into 2x 200mm and 2x 450mm, cutting them at 45 degree angles so they would fit together as shown.

The next stages will require holesaws for sawing the circles for the two wine glasses and bottle. We recommend measuring the diameter of each section – the body and neck of the bottle and the stems of the wine glasses. If you do not already have the correct tools, purchase holesaws which are a few millimetres bigger than the diameters you need. For example, the Bosch Endurance Heavy Duty Carbide Holesaw 64mm. Use a regular handsaw or jigsaw to cut the space between the edge of the wood and the wine glass holders, so the glasses can slide in. We used the Dewalt Dw331K-Gb 130Mm 701W Tophandle Jigsaw 240V.

For the rope to carry the stand, we used Jute Cord (Matlock No.4 6Mm 8Plt Natural Jute Sash Cord 100M Reel). This is sturdy enough to stand upright. We used a 8mm drill to make the hole through the wood and tied the end of it to keep in place. However, if you are pushed for time this step is not an essential requirement. We just thought it looked great!

After this, use Gorilla Wood Glue 532Ml to attach all four sides together. We found this to be strong enough, however you could use screws to secure further.

Now let the stand set. Once ready, pick a nice bottle of wine and serve your Valentine with this treat!

Valentines Day DIY Projects Wine Glass and Bottle Holder

Have Fun Creating your Valentine’s Day DIY Projects!

We hope these ideas will help you get thinking about what you could do to get creative. All can be done in an evening, so you still have time to make them for your valentine! We think this will really show someone just how much you care about them! Or if you wanted a fun valentines craft evening, you could plan to work on some of these together.

However, if you are really pushed for time and just want to buy a present, you could check out our guide to the Top 10 Valentines Gifts for Him.

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