Top 5 Small Gifts

20 January 2020

Today is Blue Monday – said to be the most depressing day of the year. But did you know there is no scientific evidence towards this? Organisations such as the NHS and Samaritans have started a campaign to turn Blue Monday into Brew Monday! We love this idea of reaching out to friends and catching up over a cup of tea throughout January and February. What better way to lift spirits on these dark and cold January mornings? But we also want to encourage people to go the extra mile for their family and friends. How about getting small gifts for them as a random act of kindness to brighten their day?

While the most important thing is looking out for your friends and spending time listening to them, this can be a little extra to show them how special they are to you! We have put together our top 5 small gifts which are all under £10. While these are seemingly insignificant, the thought can mean a lot to somebody. This is regardless of whether they are struggling or not.


1. Tea

Whether it is some healthy Green TeaPukka Gorgeous Earl Grey Tea or just some standard Tetley Tea Bags, this is a fun and very cheap gift! It also fits in well with the #BrewMonday campaigns and gives your friend something to keep them warm!

2. Water Bottle

It is easy to become dehydrated in the winter as you don’t feel you need water so much. There is also more illness going about, and if you are struck down by a cold, it’s good to keep sipping. A water bottle is a surprisingly thoughtful gift for the winter, as it can help with these! We like this Aladdin Aveo Stylish Leakproof 0.35L Sporty Water Bottle 350 ml as it is high quality and sleek looking for around £8.

Aladdin Aveo Stylish Leakproof 0.35L Sporty Water Bottle 350 ml Small Gifts

3. Pin Badge

We know that a fun pin badge will be sure to stick a smile on a friends face! There are so many available to meet every individual’s likes. For example, this Robot Lapel Pin Badge has been a trending fun small gift this season. Tiesplanet have lots of pin badges available, and most are under £5.

Robot Lapel Pin Badge Small Gifts

4. Gloves

With temperatures still low, help your friends stay cosy! More gloves are always useful to have, and are a kind gift. Fleece Gloves are usually inexpensive and great for insulating those fingers. The other option is getting a Hat, Scarf & Gloves Set which is still under £10 to really make sure your friends are warm!

Outdoor Look Womens Dingwall Suprafleece Thinsulate Gloves Large / Extra Large Small Gift

5. Haynes Product Manual

Haynes Product Manuals are great small gifts. They have become a bit of a collectors item. What’s great is there are so many topics that there is bound to be something relevant to your friend! The Haynes Explains Holidays book is a good one for this time of year if your friend has a holiday booked. It will get them looking forward to some much needed sunshine, while also having a laugh! Haynes also publish Bluffer’s Guides, such as the Bluffer’s Guide To Etiquette or the Bluffer’s Guide To Brexit. There are funny short books which can also be thoughtful.

Will You Get Your Friends Some Small Gifts This Season?

We hope that these small gifts can get you thinking of thoughtful, inexpensive and fun ways to make your friends feel great! These small acts of kindness may only be the price of a coffee, but could make a real impact to how someone feels.

These extra small gifts are great, but don’t forget the power that just reaching out, chatting to, and listening to a friend can have. Especially when it is cold and dark so people feel more lonely. We are on board with the Brew Monday Campaign, and want to help people stop feeling extra low on Blue Monday!

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